"Why on earth did you guys bring him?" I hiss at Annie, gesturing to the janitor. Now that there's an eyewitness, Yuki and I will probably get expelled.

"Don't worry, this kinda crap happens all the time," the janitor grunts, raising an eyebrow. I force a smile, embarrassed that he heard me, but he waves a hand dismissively at my response. "This school and the 'do whatever it takes' mentality." He turns, pulling a large black garbage bag out of his cleaning cart. "Salinger. Choi. Help me with this, will ya?"

Nik nods politely, and bends down to lift Sam by the shoulders.

"This night has been terrible," Min Hyuk huffs, wiping his mouth on his sleeve before storming towards Nik. He sends me a poisonous glare as he marches past.