Chapter 29:

Evelyn opens her eyes slowly, having no idea where she was. Her body felt cold, her arms above her head. She jerks a bit, her hands tied together tightly. She was hanging from some kind of hook, bolted to the celling above. There's still a gag in her mouth, so she can't speak as she looks down. She's completely naked, even her amulet is missing. She glances around the small cell to see the same elf as before. His fingers toy with her amulet as he just watches her. "Ah you're awake, didn't think you'd stay out for long.." He slowly moves closer to her. "The trouble we went through for you. All Mernon had to do was hand you over from the very start. We did try to warn him, but he didn't listen." Her eyes narrow at the elf, but he keeps talking. "In the end, he made the choice, allow us to capture you, or kill him, slowly. Smart man made the right move.." He reaches out with his free hand and tightly grabs her chin to make her look into his golden eyes. "No matter, we've spent far to long to not notice the signs. First the Nerevarine, the Hero of Kvatch, then you." His grip slowly starts to notice more, making her choke slightly. But he quickly lets her go, slapping her hard. Her head turns with the slap, but glares daggers at the elf. "You know what you have in common with them? 'Hero's' like yourself are always born under a certain sign. When we invaded Cyrodiil, we had a rough idea a new 'hero' would rise out of the ashes. So many years of research, and we finally found you, born to none other then to parents who were Blades. The perfect cover to get our hands on you. But the damn fighters guild had to get in your way." His hand starts to spark as he gets a spell ready.

"No mater, we can start over." Her eyes go wide as he grabs her again, and gives her a powerful shock through her body. Her muscles snap, she's sure something breaks as she feels something wet trail down her leg again from the shock. He keeps it up for a good minute before he lets her go. She pants through her nose, trying not to get sick from the shock. Her eyes snap at him and he jumps back, just a bit, but collects himself. He was determined to break her. No matter how long it took him to do so. He backs away, looking at her stash, as well as her weapons belt. His eyes are on Charon's Claw. She just watches the elf however as a smirk crosses his face. "I have no doubt in my mind you used your abilities to force Elenwen to kill herself. I don't have proof, but I hardly need it." He holds up her amulet and slowly starts to tug at the chain. It doesn't take much to start to break it, piece by piece. All she can do is watch as tears slowly down her face. Once there was nothing left he throws it into the ground. He steps on it, turning his foot slightly. "Talos can't save you, he's not even a real God.." His hand starts to spark again. "You....will....break..." The prison is quiet when the small group enter the falling building. Water drips down from somewhere, half of the floor is submerged. Artemis ignores this, the air here smelt of ozone and magic. He grits his teeth as he moves forward into the prison. Drizzt, Jarlaxle, and the twins follow behind him. It's not long before they run into a small group of Thalmor. They hardly seem to be paying attention to what's going on around them. One of them is examining the damage that had been done to the area. One is a male, dressed in robes. and a woman, in armor.

The male turns to the woman. "Think Seridur can really break this so called Dragonborn?" The woman just shrugs at this. "I doubt what they say about her is true. But Seridur seems to believe it for some reason. Then again he's always enjoyed his play toys, remember all the female Blades we killed?" The male gives it some thought. "That is true, he liked to rise them and do as he pleased before they turned to dust." They laugh at this as Artemis lets out a low growl to hear them talk so disrespectfully. He waste no time, sneaking up on one of them, using his sword on the woman. The male turns to Artemis, only for Drizzt to join in the fight. Once the two here dead, this rises the alarm as others start to come out from the lower parts of the prison. They were more or less here to guard the place until Seridur finished what he was doing. They didn't expect for anyone to find them so quickly. To the Thalmor, they could easily win this fight. But between Artemis, Drizzt and Jarlaxle, these elves didn't stand a chance against them. Artemis waste no time using his dagger on anyone that gets to close. Even Drizzt ends up summoning Guenhwyvar to join in. The twins just follow, rather impressed with how good these people were in battle. Still they were here to save their Harbinger, so they quickly followed. It's not long before their path is blocked by another of the Thalmor. He's dressed in a fine robe, his gloves twitch as he readies a spell. "I knew we would be followed." His dark eyes trail over the intruders. "Should have killed you before we fled, no matter.." Artemis holds out his dagger, as well as Dawnbreaker as Drizzt stands beside him.

Artemis lets out a low growl as he keeps his eyes on the elf. "Where is she?" The elf tilts his head slightly to the side. "Oh Seridur's new play thing, somewhere below no doubt. Strange, maybe he was right about the signs. All past 'hero's' are born under one." He pulls at his gloves, summoning a power flame as he turns to the assassin. "All that Dunmer had to do was let us prove out theory, but his fellow guild members proved to be a...nuisance. No matter, once you're gone we can go back to our experiment. One way or another we will prove just how wrong it is to worship a mortal." Artemis doesn't even think twice as he ruses at the elf, dagger raised. The elf jumps back, unleashing his spell. But it doesn't even touch the assassin as he uses his gauntlet. He absorbs the spell and turns it back on the elf. He rises a ward, but the assassin leaps and cuts into the elves arm with his dagger. He wills his dagger to do it's work and drain the mans life force. He flails as he tries to fight, but hits the ground, dead. Jarlaxle tilts his head as he scratches at his chin. That's not the same gauntlet as before." "I had Evelyn break the old one to make this one." He holds up his left hand. "It's stronger then the one I broke." He shakes his head, that was hardly the point right now. They head deeper into the prison, as they get deeper they stop running into Thalmor until they reach the end where Evelyn was being kept. Artemis had to bit his lip from saying anything to alert the elf. Because he was right in the middle of shocking the hell out of her. He lets her go, turning his gaze to her weapons belt. He turns away, picking up the belt and holds it in front of her.

"You think this was enough to save yourself with?" His eyes land on Charon's Claw as her eyes slowly turn to the elf. She breaths heavily through her nose as her body shutters. He just smirks slightly as he pulls out the deadly sword. "I wonder, what Daedra you aligned yourself with to get your hands on this blade?" She just watches quietly as he holds the sword in his hand. However, before he can even raise it, his arm locks in place. "Wh-what is this?" The sword speaks into his mind, he wasn't worthy to hold the sword. The elf starts to scream in pain as he falls to his knees. He tries to let go of the blade, but to no avail. His skin starts to peal and burn. His eyes sink back as his jaw hits the ground and his body crumbles to dust. There's nothing left of the elf, not even his armor survived. She just looks down at the pile of ash, slightly thankful the blade took a liking to her. She tugs at her restraints. Trying to free herself, but her body is to weak to do so. Artemis ruses into the cell in order to free her. He pauses however, not because of her lack of cloths. But because of her eyes. They became like slits, looking more akin to dragon eyes. He ignores this for now as he uses his dagger on the ropes. Once free she slowly moves, removing the gag from her mouth. Her eyes roam the area, and without a word however, she weakly grabs her gear. However she's unable to put on her armor, so she throws on a robe, and nothing else. She turns and picks up her weapons, Charon's Claw glows for a bit. But seems pleased to be returned to someone far more worthy to carry the blade.

Now holding the blade, she heads off, simply moving past the others and back outside. They all seems surprised by this, as all Artemis can do is follow and try to stop her. Even the twins are confused by her behavior. "Evelyn!" Artemis tries calling after her, but she seems to ignore the call. She just makes her way to Shadowmere, and slowly gets onto the horse. Shadowmere freaks out for a minute or so, but she calms the horse, quickly riding off somewhere. Artemis just summons Blackfire and quickly goes after her. Jarlaxle, Drizzt and the twins rush out, but quickly lose track of where they went. Jarlaxle tilts his head, he could go after them, but wonders if that's the best idea. Vilkas grabs his shoulders however. "We have to go after them." Jarlaxle has to lean his head back to look at the Nord. "My friend, Artemis is already on her trail. What would we have to gain by trailing after...where ever it is she's going?" Vilkas pauses and looks down slightly. "She's our friend..." Jarlaxle lets out a low sigh at this. "I can't take everyone with me." Drizzt steps up to join him so Jarlaxle summons his own Nightmare. Drizzt just narrows his eyes, but Jarlaxle shrugs. "Coming or not?" Drizzt huffs but joins the elf as Guenhwyvar turns back to mist and returns to her own statuette as they ride after the pair. They head south, past Helgen, or what was left of the city. Meanwhile Artemis had caught up to Evelyn as she rode Shadowmere. She doesn't say a word as she rides, her eyes forward. It's clear she's out for blood, and Artemis doesn't have to guess she's on the trail to find Mernon. The man responsible for all of this.

She knows just where to go after all to find him. They easily pass the border, not that anyone would be able to stop where she's going. Lucky for her, Shadowmere doesn't tire easily. Because she doesn't plan to stop at all until they reach Chorrol. It's the dead of night by the time they reach the town. She jumps down Shadowmere, making her way to the gates. Artemis is quick to follow after her, because she's still holding Charon's Claw. And the last thing he needs is for her to kill anyone that gets in her way. Lucky for him, no one is around. If the guards take notice, they don't get in the way since they know her. She used to live here, she used to call this place home for so many years. Her eyes burn as she heads to the southern part of the town to a small shack. She kicks in the door and ruses the dark elf before he can even let out a surprised yelp. She pins him against the wall, holding him there with her sword. Smoke comes out of her mouth as her Thu'um vibrates. "You really think you could get rid of me so quickly?" The elf tries to answer, but she cuts him off. "I am the void, a Child of Sithis. The chosen Listener of the Night Mother." Her eyes flash as she leans in closer to the man she once called 'father'. "Chosen by the Gods to take down Alduin. But that doesn't mater to you does it? YOU SOLD ME OUT!! AND FOR WHAT, TO SAVE YOUR OWN SKIN!?" She lets him go ever so slightly so he can explain himself. He takes a deep breath as he looks at her. "I had no choice, the Thalmor knew about you, what you would become. I didn't want to listen to them. So they killed your parents to prove they were right..." He looks down slightly, almost looking ashamed of himself. "I didn't want to believe the rumors until we got word the Emperor was dead and the Dragonborn had shown themselves. I didn't want to believe it was you. But I know you well enough to know you've always followed your own path. To think I could have stop this if only I had listened."

She slams him into the wall for that remark. "You're a bigger fool if you think I wouldn't have stepped up. Someone would have done it." Her Thu'um still vibrates as she holds out Charon's Claw. The sword glows as she presses the blade against the elf. She doesn't cut him, but she doesn't need to. "Let the void take you." The sword pulses as he lets out a horrid scream. The sword does its work as his skin burns away to nothing. She just watches, holding him against the wall until there was nothing left of him. She just looks at the ash, kicking at it, forgetting she didn't even have boots on. It doesn't matter, none of this matters. Everything she had thought she knew about the person that raised her was a lie. He didn't love her, he just kept an eye on her until it became more profitable to sell her off to the Thalmor. Then again, he may have just kept his mouth shut if she hadn't gone to Skyrim. But again, it hardly matters now. She knows the truth as she spits into the pile of ash. Artemis genteelly pulls at her arm. She lets out a growl, forgetting he was even there to start with. He holds up his hands to show he meant no harm to her. Her Thu'um still rumbles, but she slowly recognizes him as her mate. The dragon part of her at least stops her from turning him into ash as well. She says nothing as she turns and once again heads off. He follows her to one of the nicer looking houses the area had. She just walks in, this was her home once, still was. Everything was the same as she left it two and a half years ago. Still it's home as she slowly makes her way upstairs.

There's not much that worries Artemis, but he's never seen her like this. Her rage, is understandable. But this is far worse, her eyes are still that of a dragons and she's said little to him. Figuring the best thing to do right now was give her space so he slowly goes outside. He sits at her front steps as Jarlaxle steps out, Drizzt behind him. "I don't think I've ridden this much since..." He stops right there, knowing well enough not to talk about anything that happened in the Bloodstone Lands. Artemis hardly has the energy for this as Jarlaxle looks around. "Where are we?" "This is where she grew up...Chorrol. She didn't talk much about it. Just that she used to run the fighters guild here. She killed Mernon for his hand in this.." He lets out a shaky sigh as he runs his hands through his hair. "I'm at a lost here. Evelyn is in a blind rage and I don't even know if I can snap her out of it..." Jarlaxle runs his hand over his bold head as he gives it some thought. "At least in a way that wont result in a horrible death. Hell she's so angry she unlocked an agility in Charon's Claw not even I was aware of..." Drizzt has never seen the man like this before. Then again he's never really had much of a reason to care about anyone before. "Give her time and space." Artemis lets out a low sigh. This wasn't her first dealings with the Thalmor and no doubt this too will leave it's marks on her. Both physically and mentality. After a minute or so Artemis looks up at them. "How did you get here so fast?" Jarlaxle just holds up his statuette. "I still have that pin you know, finding you really isn't to hard."

His eyes turn to Drizzt, but the elf gives him a slight shrug. "We can on behalf of her friends. They're worried, and with good reason..." Even he's at a lost as what they should do now. Because her returning in the state she's in will not go down well. At least they killed off what was left of the Thalmor force as well as the person that took an interest to her. Though he got himself killed by trying to use Charon's Claw. Still there's no telling if and when she'll come out of this. Artemis rises after a moment as he turns his eyes to the house before them. He can be just a stubborn as most people as he makes his way inside. The place is huge, but unlike the houses she owns in Skyrim there's less personal touches. He can tell no ones been in this house for some time now. He slowly makes his way upstairs to where her room was. He finds her standing at a window, just looking out. She slowly turns to him as he walks in. Her eyes are still the same, but she seems more at ease. But he can see the clear hurt in her eyes. "You think they parents?" She turns back to the window. "They died because of me...." Artemis makes his way to her side, but she slowly takes a step back. She slowly reaches up, almost forgetting her amulet isn't there anymore. Her hand slowly falls to her side as she lets out a choking sob. Artemis pulls her close as she falls to her knees, wrapping her arms around him tightly. He just holds her as he sobs into his chest. She clings to him as her whole body shakes. Her whole world was torn apart, the one person she thought would look after her. Was behind everything that happened in her life. She was just some experiment in the long run. Artemis just holds her close, allowing her to get it all out.