one more outfit, just farting about really

guess you can tell this is just barely trying lol

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actually this is pretty close to the type of thing i wear around the house - big oversize sweater and boxers (i like mens boxer shorts)

so it's Sunday and still riding the stay at home orders for my shitty, um city
I said at the beginning of this, just watch how many bodies they be digging out of basements at the end of this shite (pronounced like white, it's a celt thing, a family thing - its just how we say s**t and how i say it mmmm half the time) i figured most people just barely tolerate those around them as it is so you go and force them to spend 24 hours a day, every damned day with those people .... yeah, a lot of folks gonna go missing.
Shame too. I am always watching those cop shows, or murder mysteries, or crime tv and all that juicy shite on youtube - but so wtf is it when some dude kills his wife or gf and their kids (if they have em) then turns that s**t on himself - wut a d**k right?!
why the hell can't they just blow their brains out and save everyone else the misery of their crazy? well cuz they're selfish. Thats all.
Gawd I hate people most of the time - after watching that stuff I really need to take in some cartoons or some schmaltzy feel good crap lest I walk in front of a bus the next time i leave the apartment.

I know how tough it is though because I live in a cramped apartment with a friend of mine. I really do like my friend and I genuinely care for him but there are times i just want to smack him. Being stuck at home is KILLING me. For as much as I like my friend and care for him ... he tends to drive me a bit crazy. Okay, more than a bit. Actually quite a LOT more than a bit. In fact, truth be told one ******** of a LOT.

He's a good man, with a kind heart. We do not "date" so it's not like that. He can be generous and thoughtful and has many good traits but the one thing i can't stand, the thing that makes me crazy ... makes my skin itch, makes me scream inside my thoughts, makes me want to TEAR my ******** hair out and lose all sense of sanity is that my friend literally NEVER, EVER SHUTS THE ******** UP.
it is constant. In fact as I type this, he is in the chair behind me - by back is to him, he is rolling a few joints to smoke and he is rattling on. Talking to me, repeating things off the tv, agreeing or adding to whats being said on the TV ... then back to talking to me. It can be about everything and nothing. He can ramble on to me or not to me precisely. Sometimes when he knows I am annoyed by it he mutters quietly to himself and I dont know if that pisses me off more because now i cant hear him ... but then I dont want to hear him. He just starts from the moment he wakes up and he just never finds the end of that initial sentence. Even when I do have a legit reason to talk to him, he starts off on point but then he starts wandering away from the point of the conversation and into 3 different other conversations. It is crazy ...and he knows he is doing it - but now here is the crux of it. He genuinely cannot help it. He is on the dire end of manic and for him this is how it manifests.

During covid these are the things many people who live in big spacious homes with people they enjoy being around need to remember. That there are people out there thrust into very difficult circumstances. I did not choose this. When covid hit my city, my friend was looking for a new home and was forced into mine when a state of emergency was called and he had no time to find a place. I couldnt leave him to shelters or hotels so i let him stay here - but now after a little more than a year and no end in sight, im starting to wish i had a basement of my own ....