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A Squirrel's Musings
Maybe I might do this, maybe I won't. ... Squirrel's being an idiot~ Yeah, updating probably would be erratic. And random. Probably.
weird dream (2/02)
was a ren in this one
b/c who else has 20 mental partitions lol
why did i even explicitly think that in the dream??
like a narrator lol

some sort of competition between two teams
like a game
a video game
sort of like a capturing territory one

and ren had the ability to in real time direct multiple people at once so uh
also not ren exactly, more like alice
b/c it's the depressed & suicidal & memory loss ren so she calls herself alice

yeah,, as the leader of the team, alice was able to directly guide her team members, which i guess boosted morale?? idk
also teams were sort of random except the two people who each really didn't want to be on each of the leader's teams (one of which had white-ish blonde hair & who's headshot(??) had a green outline (what??) didn't want to be on alice's team; the other (black hair, red outline) didn't want to be on the other leader's team)

also motorcycles??
and tall buildings whose surfaces resembled cubes??

sky bison somehow? except colored like buffalo lol (i blame class)
only one could fly - the one with six legs
others couldn't quite fly
and they were noticeable somehow - either blew air or had an aura
alice wanted them to be close to the surface (??) / the road (??)
but a team member said something about them being noticed so alice listened & moved them lower & had a roof??
they eat grass lol
idk how facts work in dreams??

also somehow zack & ames & everyone else dropped in for a bit
& b/c they weren't part of the game teams originally,, welp
costed the two summon tokens each team got to maintain?? or like, rather to allow zack to go through a mini course(??) of strong monsters/reapers/idk what ,, that's what the summon tokens were needed for
not really a course, but more like a... gauntlet?? like going through monsters to find out how strong zack was (except zack had conditions to follow so uh he had to sort of go easy on them)
also alice tells zack that she loves him
he loves her too
it's sweet
somehow zack is a better dad to alice than her real dad lol

idk why amelia didn't cost tokens but i guess since she really wasn't a fighter??
she was sort of like extra,, so was the rest of the gang lol
even though she's an amazing healer

also alice asked amelia to help instant/constant grow the grass?? like a loop? so nobody needs to tend the grass for the bison to eat lol

anyways zack is super strong,, ofc, but it's discovered that alice is p scary too and not just as a competent leader!
like she can stop the flames & bring the monsters back to life(?? idk what happened there lol)
she and zack were traveling together through the gauntlet,, just like the good old times,, adventures
what good old times lol

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