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Become Alive Post-Suicide Formerly: Nekoyoujo!

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I got robbed yesterday. Not Hands-On robbed, but I left my bag on the bus and some loser emptied out my bag and left the bag itself on the buses floor under the seat.

There wasn't a lot in the bag itself, but the mother ******** got my wallet. My bank cards were not in my wallet, and I already canceled my EBT card. I'm seeking to replace my EBT card (already sent off for it), my next plan on card, my bus pass, and my ID. I'm not the type to have my social security card in my wallet. Metro Transit customer service is closed on weekends, so I can't cancel my bus pass until Monday. I've had a bus pass replaced before, and it doesn't take long. What's going to be the real pain is replacing my ID. I don't know what the walking situation is looking like at the dmv, and the nearest appointment available was March 10th. I'm going to get a new implant card from planned parenthood. I'm going to call customer service for UCare to get a new insurance card.

The new battery pack I just got, that I was showing off in the salty chalice chat was stolen. A black adjustable mask, and hand warmers are gone along with the wallet. Of course, those things being much less consequential. Normally I have the if they took it they needed it more than I did mentality when things get stolen, but it's really ******** dirty to empty out the backpack but then leave the backpack discarded. They could have just taken the cash out of the wallet, because that's way more of a "need" type of thing to do.

if I were really worse off in desperate, that's what I would do. I wouldn't take the whole wallet. Even more suspicious to empty out the bag and then leave the bag. The person had to be on the bus by themselves. I put the backpack in the washing machine, because a very malicious person touched it and left it on the dirty floor. Get all that energy off of it. I'm wondering why they just didn't take the whole bag, but I do feel a sense of catharsis in at least getting the bag back.

You can help by transmitting energy to the malicious gremlin that stole my stuff that their teeth fall out and their fingernails and toenails fall off.


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