Okay, I think I got it ironed out a little bit more.

Firstly, those wireless earbuds. That will make the home exercising a little bit more easy, and also then I can listen to music on my phone without the bulky headphones. (Apple Music expires in two months anyway, so might as well make use of it, right?)

I think I'm super hesitant to get them because I want to get a new computer at some point. Probably not this year - likely when I graduate idk. I also want to get braces, and my wisdom teeth out. Everything is expensive as hell man.

Tier two is those unpaper towels (mostly because I realized how much paper towels I was using when I was taking care of the spinach today), and a new pair of sneakers (probably the $45 ones I saw at sketchers that are beige).

Holding off on the following things - eco products (including toothbrushes, makeup pads, beeswax wrap), and exercise mat.