Aaaaaaa I know that waiting is the game now, but I still wish my packages would get here, like, now.

I regret buying that $3 soap dish a little bit. Just a little bit. There were a lot of not positive reviews buried, and but you get what you pay for, I guess. There's a 2 for $11 soap dish thing on Amazon that I probably could've ordered instead, but oh well. It's a bit late for that.

Speaking of more random purchases, here's a few things that I've been looking to buy, but aren't urgent:
- a cheap yoga/workout mat, my back hurts.
- new running shoes, been looking at the brand Vessi since it keeps popping up in advertisements...
- "wireless" earbuds, the apple ones look pretty good - also good for exercising since my headphones are bulky.

Eco update:
I've given up on the reusable makeup removing pads, since they all seem to need to be washed in hot water... something I can't do in my current living situation. I've also given up on the beeswax wraps since they apparently stop sticking in a year (which means buying plastic wrap will be cheaper, and unfortunately poor student > environmentally friendly goals right now). Possibly the bamboo brushes as well, all the reviews look like they suck.

And if I get mesh produce bags, they will probably just be from metro. This country is rolling out the plastic ban this year, so I still have awhile to adjust. It's fine. Things are fine.