Finally installed some sort of adblock extension, thus I'm switching my gaming and non-google related things over to Safari. Right now, that's just Neopets and Gaia (lol), but eventually my shopping habits will probably also get moved over, since I like the blocking tracker thing that Safari has.

I got off work not long ago. I was scrambling to finish up the biquad. It's messy, but it's done. Aligning things were a pain.

In terms of life, I did my laundry today (+2 Misc. building types for my Fortune City). I'm still anxiously checking my package tracking, even though I know nothing is updating. Time to be patient, and stuff.

Oh, and ONEUS' new album came out (!!!). Cycled through the songs a couple times on apple music, I quite like Leftover and IPU. The title track isn't bad either. If you, mysterious reader, actually made it this far into the entry, you should go listen to it.