Man ..... being on this site again after so long. really makes me feel nostalgic for the 2004,5,6 years on here. I hated a lot of things about HS and freshmen year of College...... Because SCAD had an insane work load. I lost my social life. And that truly hurt. It felt like that part of me died inside. And has been rebirthing this year for some reason. Maybe because I’ve been feeling the desire for human connection more so since I’m at home because of covid? Less intovrrtex than I usually am perhaps? Because I crave the connection I’m missing since it’s all digital now?

there a gap of even on here where I had no posts or anything. I barely had time for friends... let alone time on here. Or even messengers. Because I couldn’t afford to without sacrificing valuable work time trust me. When I say Studio art classes are a b***h. Even worse in fashion design. Scad kids used the acronym “Sleep comes after death” instead of “Savannah college of art and design” lol funny and sad. The work load there is unreal. I had to give up my social life. Which sucked. It was especially hard because I still struggled in my classes because I had a lot of family drama for distractions and in general I struggled. Thank god scad was not a party school! We were all work aholics lmao we had work parties. That was the extent lol.

I was determined and I graduated with a 3.0 that I worked my a** off for. I re took classes just to work for As my senior year lol. I did it. I was so proud. But Unless my friends were okay with me working around them. They didn’t see me. And even then after awhile it got to be unless they came with me to my studio to chat while working. I’d be not seen. Literally...... it was that intense. A lot of my friends and fam included didn’t understand. But I couldn’t explain it, No one saw me after a while. I hated it. It killed me. And my confidence. It was so hard. There was a student my year if this gives you an idea. Who fell asleep and literally died on the couch at 5 am from health complications caused by too much stress and over worked. Or that’s what I heard. It’s so sad. I stayed up till 5 am on a regular basis working. Not partying as my mother tried to accuse me of. -.- Fashion industry is what they say. It’s like project runway lol. Or devil wears Prada. To give a visual. But I loved the creation process. Learning to create dresses from a single sketch and bring it to life on a human for the first time instead of dreaming it was so rewarding. I loved the challenge. And now I’m getting paid to do it for others! And the best part I’m now making and selling my own novelty items with my art on them. No it’s not hand made clothing. But it’s a start! It will bring in some residual income to pay for the capital for a capsule collection to be merchandised while I make the clothes sketches on the t shirt and slowly bring them to life. That’s the plan. People don’t realize just HOW MUCH goes into the creation of a clothing collection. Literally for 3 quality Looks ....3 will cost 10to 15,000 if you also include marketing travel inventory. And alllll of that... is upfront cost. You as the designer. Gets paid last. It blows but for your passion it is worth it!!!!!! It should be respected more then it is. As art and a legit career path. It’s hard and. If you can put your mind to it. And find your customer and market yourself you CAN do it 🥰

this place was truly a highlight for me. During those years and beyond..... Having this area away from the rest of life and family and parents they don’t know this site and won’t.......was a way for me to escape the harsh pain of my reality crashing down around me outside of here. Man..... those were some dark days. I’ve recovered and rebuilt. And am proud of the woman I’ve become. It took a long time to get here though. Just some random musings this evening. Hope you have a good day !