Hello world!

Food wise - managed to go another day without venturing outside for groceries. I ate the free potatoes and some stir fried snow pea shoots for lunch and then tomato-egg stiry fry for dinner. I also listened to that networking thingy during lunch-making, and so I hopefully got a food gift card out of it! There's still two more events on my radar, I'll be semi-attending all of those.

Work wise, I think I managed to do quite a bit today? Just have power lines and 2 caps + 2 resistors left to route. And then tedious LVS checks.

Life wise, we managed to talk down the internet plan to $25 from $29 - given that I'll be living here for only 5 more months, that's only $20 saved, but $20 is still like, a whole bowl of ramen with fried chicken.
Still pondering buying those hair accs because of the whole untrackable shipping thing !!! - it says 30-59 days which is a hella long time, but (a) they have buyer protection and (b) it's only $6.50... If that human I've been discussing this with responds, I'll make the purchase, otherwise I'll probably just not get it.

I actually have to watch lecture videos now. ugh.