I read your first message & decided I wouldn't read anymore. I had my time with you. And I respect the times we had. Our time has gone, and I don't care to know if you've rebounded with someone new to supply your bloated narcissistic ego you've so decided not to balance out & fix. It's unnecessary information and makes me question your motive of even reaching out to me. I do not tolerate liars & will not obey your wishes any longer.

I've told you this last time, and this is the last time. Carelessly you make it all about you stating "You do this to spite me." It isn't about you. And this isn't aimed towards you. It's probably your karma that makes it hurt so bad seeing this kind of stuff, and in your denial the stake you impaled yourself on becomes much hotter. The pain, anxiety, and paranoia must become more excruciating when you twist and distort the truth. This is your burden to bear; Not mine. These are memories I'm grateful for.

Whether it stunts your growth on moving forward is also none of my concern.

Whether you like it or not I'll put them where I please.

I never asked for your permission. And you never asked for mine in your dramatized critical moments of running off without properly confronting said issue at hand. The baggage you've ran off with is for your next partner to bear, and if you're making a nonexistent issue out of this, then I pray dearly for whomever you ran off too if that person even exists. Which you've lied about before, ring a bell?

Remember it is your choice to visit this page, and your choices are of no concern to me. I've deemed what I'm doing to not be unjust. Therefore it is your problem. Not mine.

I will not be opening childishly headed letters from you any longer unless the title is respectful & you open up communication lines. Any more disrespect from you will not be tolerated. If you so happen to open up communication, then be mindful of what you speak; Act ill mannered & I'll disregard the entirety of the message and halt where I'm reading it to preserve the good in you & in me.

It should be of no surprise that you won't get your way. You've abusively ignored me for the longest time, and you never tried to resolve anything with me. So if you're actually serious about this... Which I'm assuming your not; You like stirring up the hornets nest and getting some sort of negative reaction out of things. But lets say you aren't out for foul play, & you're actually serious about this. If so then take some time & sit down. Think to yourself in deep thought. "Why would Tevin listen to me right now in regards to this? Especially if he holds these memories dear, and this is the place he likes it to be? After I abusively ignored him for the longest time & avoided confrontation, critical empathetic thinking, and basic compassion & trust in him as not truly being a bad person? Huh..."

idea Ahah
Mystery murder solved. Although I wouldn't call that much of a mystery.

I could go on. I could point the gun at the both of us. But I'd always take the bullet for you. & in the end you wouldn't take one for me. But that doesn't change how I felt about you. And that you were an amazing person and that you still have the capacity to be. Realize I'm loyal to a fault. And I don't have full control over my emotions, but I try. And I hope you can try to be more fair and convey your emotions more properly for whomever is next in line for you.

But realize that I'm beyond your jurisdiction now, & that I was loyal to you then; I am not loyal to you now. You've decided to save yourself. So I'm doing the exact same thing but in a different way. It's unwise for you to look this way when I've no ill intent against you. If it bugs you, then that's simply the folly you made by interacting with me. And there's not much else you can do about it but be mature about it, and respect your & our decisions of what already happened.