The continuous stream of water was his devotion. His source of strength when all else failed him. This sanctuary cleared the worries from the warriors mind. It served as a saving point to where he could reflect with a clear conscious. A place that allowed him to be weak so that he could go on strong. He would steep his hands in the river & feel the running of the water whilst gazing into his reflection. A smile would begin to gleam across his face, then tears would well up in his eyes. The stress & worries would accumulate all into one place before it became to heavy to bear, thus he dunked his head into the water.

The sound beneath the water always brought up a natural sense of deja vu. A reminder of being in the womb perhaps. An innocent undistorted connection to mother. This brought about peace, and safety that there's ground beneath his feet too that provides life, stability, ,medicine, sustenance, and a sky encompassing it above with mesmerizing stars. There was good on his journey, and lessons that would make him wiser. The more he experienced the more he became connected to his inner which granted the innate ability to mold the world around him.

What made him virulent and strong was his curiosity to venture out in seek of truth, wisdom, & happiness. He never rejected his past nor shortcomings, always faced them with an open heart. After all one can't erase their past. But they can come to terms with it, and learn from it, and find good in it. And this is what he did. Never did he give up, never did he run away. This is what made him a true warrior. Prideful in himself yes, but in moderation with a sense of selflessness & integrity.

The warrior doesn't really follow the herd. But rather is finding ways to protect the herd or preserving the way of humanity. Proper living is a must, and not all people want to live properly. Some want to live a life of deceit and vanity. The warrior sees this like a shepherd and knows they've a many more lives to live before they find the truth. It is his hope that he could shorten their suffering. Not all are aware of what they do & how it harms themselves as well as others. Bringing justice to the people all the whilst enjoying life, laughing, and having fun is the warriors desire.

But so too is the warrior not free from the reigns of fate & justice. It courses through the warriors mind if the right path is being taken. If the heart is becoming lighter than a feather. Sometimes the warrior need only look after one's own life. The warrior isn't a mysterious savior of the people, the warrior just does what thou wilt in humbleness, respect, and honor. If the people around see the justice in that they will take after the warriors attributes.