So today I woke up late because I was so tired from talking to ... uhhh.. Mei yesterday. I ate the reheated banana pancakes and honestly they're not bad! I think I definitely prefer the whole wheat pancakes though... so if i make more this weekend, it will be those instead.

didn't eat much today. i need to plan my meals better.

Good news - Korean clothes arrived today (a whole day early)!! Honest review - I LOVE the turtleneck top, more than I thought I would. To the point where if I decide to order again, I will literally be buying the pink and maybe even the brown. It's so soft, comparable to the uniqlo ones.
Okay news - The other two are kind of a rough material, which, while super warm, is not super comfortable on the skin. They were more expensive, so I have mixed feelings about them. Overall, happy with my purchase, but feel like I could've gotten more giftabox items instead.

Debates - Wondering if I should order the hair accessories & the bows... I've been reading all these bad reviews about the site, but then, it's only $6 so if it never arrives I guess it's kinda okay since it's basically a bbt? Plus, I'm making about $35 off this study (hopefully), and $20 in gift cards as soon as the study people get back to me... So it's like, an ~external~ bonus.
Speaking of buying random s**t, this is a NTS that the sale on those jeans will end on sunday, so best send in the order on friday!
Speaking more of buying random s**t, I'm highkey tempted by that long skirt. The downside is that there are no reviews, so the quality of it is definitely questionable. I read a lot of guides so I will check the legitimacy of the store later. Plus, I have a lot of days left to ponder because "black friday week".