Hi all!!! I am wanting to make some changes to the way I do things on here. And so I am going to announce that going forward this blog will be about music, art, and sharing some food for thought things. Things that help people grow, and of course I'll share some of what my bands I listen to are up to. I may update about other things as well.I might sometimes just share song lyrics. Or I'll share some art. Maybe I'll do some fan art or something and post it. I may share things in my life still.... Or I just won't be on here at all. To be 100% upfront. Its a toss up of what this will become. I am not on here hardly at all any more. After ZOMG and fishing sort of died.... and my friends stopped logging in (which is fine) I don't have much desire to be on here now. Especially since I am married and have a life outside of this too as a adult not a kid anymore. But because this website holds a special place in my heart I want this journal to become a more positive place. Right now.... with this year of 2020...... Well lets just say I got time. Given we are a lot of us are at home for the most part.... So I've been revisiting stuff on here. And reflecting a lot. Anyways. I hope you all are staying safe and doing well.

My music I will share today is my top fav song.... from blue October. Possibly tops my older fav thats won that slot for a while now. Which was Skillets Whispers in the Dark. This new fav. Is Fear by Blue October. Everyone who loves music and who loves alternative or indie or rock or all of the above. You should check them out if you haven't A reason I love this band. Is they are very open about their life and their struggles, their hopes and dreams and failures. They are raw and real with emotion and they do it to help people. His message has a powerful voice and story of redemption from getting sober with alcohol abuse. I love when any singer or celebrity uses their platform for good. So. That being Said. I will leave with a link. Oh and the music video is powerful too. This song is my pick me up song. When I feel I've failed and cant get up again. This song gets me through it..... So I want to share. I hope it speaks to you too. If I had to choose a theme song for my life. I think this one would be it. "There is only so many times people want to watch you circle and drain before people say get the hell up and do something about it. " Justin said this when I saw him live and was like that is such a true statement and one I experienced personally. And its what inspired this song. Anyways Enjoy!


All the best
Stay well, Be blessed, peace be with you