Friday, April 3: After work at the Cabaret Bistro, Roxie and Conan returned to the Lusus Naturae. As Roxie helped to clean up the stray dishes, she was nearly entrapped by Morty. After giving him a piece of her mind, she retreated to the kitchen and discussed the issue with Morty with Boris. Boris explained that the biker club intended on keeping an alliance with the gator and suggested she be a bit more patient with him. Afterward, she went to eat dinner and was confronted by the bounty hunter again. He expressed his dream of providing for her and producing children with her. It was then that she explained that she was infertile and that her dream didn’t match with his. Thus, any romantic relationship wouldn’t work between them. He accepted defeat.

Saturday, April 4: On their way back from the Cabaret Bistro, Roxie and Conan drove in to find the Lusus Naturae under attack by a kaizu-sized mutant-spider called a kumonga. With the help of Nicho, his friend Eryn, as well as Romin and his military crew, the biker gang was able to lure the spider out of the town limits. While Romin’s team's efforts to destroy the beast were thwarted once, they managed to tear into it with their ships’ artillery. Afterward, everyone involved enjoyed some drinks, introductions were made, and Natalie happened by, to investigate the event.

Monday, April 6: With Lyall escorting Roxie to the Shiki Sushi Bar as part of her weekly socializing routine, the bodyguard was given the opportunity to try sushi for the first time. However, things did not go as the dancer had planned, as the wolf ended up texting Nicho with the promise of alone time for the lovemates so long as he distracted her. After sampling Ando’s fried chicken, Lyall quickly retreated from the restaurant. Thus leaving Nicho and Roxie to discuss their relationship, their secrets, their dance lessons, and her foxfire. While they continued to respect the boundaries they set in their attempt to have a steady, meaningful relationship, they found themselves falling in love with each other all over again. Thankfully, for the sake of those boundaries, Lyall returned to keep them from going further than sharing a tender and loving kiss.

Tuesday, April 7: Meeting up at the Lusus Naturae, Boris silently supervises as Roxie teaches Nicho how to dance on the nightclub’s upper rooftop. There, she utilized Nicho’s empathic ability by using her vivid imagination to create a fight-battle scenario that would help him learn a variety of different dance moves. This helped to ease his nervousness and insecurities as well as help him clean up his footwork both on the dancefloor and on the battlefield. There’s still more he has to learn, but it would appear that her creative style in teaching him was a good start for Nicho.

Monday, April 13: Lyall escorted Roxie to the Shiki Sushi Bar again, as per her request to make it a weekly routine. There, Nicolette served them their tea in a flourish of spring-time greens, in hair and outfit. As always, her presence and ability to change gender disturbed Lyall, and the teasing flirtation from both of the women caused the wolf to retreat outside to enjoy his meal in private. Roxie complimented her lovemate on her glamour-abilities, they talked about how well Nicho would look with longer hair, as well as the block party that the Lusus Naturae was holding. There was some interest in the eating contest they planned on throwing at the block party, and talk of more dance lessons before Lyall indicated that it was time to leave.

Friday, April 17: Rey Vuk, Lyall’s younger half-brother arrived at the Lusus Naturae Nightclub to help set up the sound system for the block party, as well as the security system for the nightclub. With little spider-droids helping him with his work, he got things rolling after meeting Roxie for the first time. It was then revealed that he would be spending a lot of time with her in his attempts to figure out a way of making it safe for people like her to use everyday electronic items.

Saturday, April 18: The day of the Lusus Naturae Block Party. The biker club threw a neighborhood party to raise money for their expansion and renovation endeavors, as well as promote the various businesses around the area. During the festivities are three different contests, including the long-awaited Eating Contest that Roxie and Max had been waiting to compete against each other. It was tough, as both she and the super-soldier appeared to have bottomless pits for stomachs. After the three other contestants dropped out either due to being disqualified or getting too full or sick to continue, the fifth round involving one pound of ice cream sundae brought both of the finalists to their knees. However, Max conceded first, due to a reoccurring fit of hiccups.

Friday, May 1: While Rey was experimenting with the effects of Roxie’s electrical dysfunction with everyday appliances, she accidentally slipped through a portal that happened to appear out of the blue. The portal took her to the Swanhild Manor Café, where she met the proprietor Brandy. This white-haired woman who so happened to be a witch, performed a magical experiment of her own to determine what was going on with Roxie’s auras. Learning that her own auras were sporadically generating Chaos Magic whenever she interacted with electrical appliances, it was determined that the next course of action was to talk to a specialist about it. From there, Brandy enchanted the key to Nicho’s apartment so Roxie could head home but also enchanted a fork so she could find her way back to the manor. The experience left Roxie pondering the possibilities of a ritual spell that could lead her back to her parents’ homeworld.