A few dreams, 3 that I know off.

7 - 8 Hours Sleep

Very little to No Control

1) Im in a empty world, walking building to building looking for people.

Not really finding anyone, though encountering small animals. A dog in one house who is happy to see me and follows along, a chicken in a person's yard pecking things.....ect.

2) Waking dream, laying in bed looking at the cielingwhere the light hangs down in my room.

Suddenly there are mice making thier way down from the light, then dropping on my bed, bitting and scrathing I start smacking them away and throwing them off my bed.

Then I hear water and find the floor of my room is a large open pond with large fish in it a few feet deep to the point where I can make out the size and shape of the fish.

I attampt to touch one and it nibbles my fingers before going back under water and swimming away.

3) Naughty, TOS personal........sorry.