1 big/ medium dream and a few waking dreams scattered around it.

8 3/4 - 9 Hours Sleep

Here they are...

1) I was calling someone on the phone, but nothing I called worked. I kept getting a werid dail-tone when no one would pick-up.

2) I was outside watching shooting stars in the sky, then one fell ( to Earth? ) and when it did it was a atomic explosion. I kept watching...

3) The Big/ Medium dream, I was some sort of shop-kepper and was behind a counter selling things in my little store ( A stall, with little more than a counter to exchange money and a few sets of shelves on a wooden stand in the middle of a tent. )

I happily sold my wares, fruit and veggies and small drinks in bottles ( Unrefridgerated? ) and people would give me mostly werid coins which I would put in a small lock-box with a coin slot in the top for coins.

I saw 3 or 4 people buying produce one buying a couple drinks for him and a Friend waiting outside.

4) Im a archeologist with a small group of workers excavating a small fountain, covered with leaves and buried in dirt.

As I dig into the base carefull with my hands and a small metal trowel ( Gardening Tool ) I slowly fish out 3 small coins and a 4th ancient beaten up coin from the base to show my team, ( Coins are European? At least a few 100 rd years old. )