so, I've been alone at the house with my son for over a day.
I think ill be spending a second night here alone.. but im not too bothered
I kind of like having the house to myself.
I enjoy the peace.

random thought:
(but not too random, considering its been on my mind for the passed couple days)
but, sometimes alot of the time I will think of somebody I could'vebeen friends with or places I should've gone
but that can't really even be a thought considering I am now a mom.
but I always seem to somehow forget that I would not be here if it weren't for my son.
and if I was here, I definitely would not be sober.
I envy a hypothetical life, but being the person I am today.
makes sense?
like, I am only confident in becoming friends with people now bc im not all spazzed out on whatever my choice of drug is that week.
I only think of places id like to go because im inside, bored all day.
but lets be real.. I wouldn't have money to go anywhere in the first place.

I like my life, I do. I believe I like it more than i would if I didn't have my son.
today was a hard day, but I got by.