I went to bed hurting, both from the coolness in temperature last night and work ( I had to lift and move a few very heavy things during my work shift. )

I had two odd dreams, not sure how to classify either of them.

10 - 11 Hours Sleep ( Last night till the middle day today. )

No Control, I really kinda of watched and went along with the dreams

1) I was in a school type setting but not as a student, I was exploring what seemed to be a abandoned school that is.

I walked looking into old rooms seeing, desks and shelving with old books in various forms of decay. Mold, Aging ( Yellowing Paper ). Now and then the shelves had collapsed into the floor or a shelve had given away on one end and books all fell on the floor in a pile.

Found a still working RGB Screen TV and turned it on, nothing else happened.

2) I was at a gathering of people eating and drinking, people had both sodas and a alcoholic drinks they where drinking.

A small bonfire burned nearby, people sat near it and talked ate and drank, for me I chatted with a older man whom I had never seen or met before then walked away to explore houses nearby not much else happened before I woke up.