Did you know US cities are losing 36 million trees per year? That is a tremendous amount, which we need to work harder to prevent.
Most trees are being lost to roads and parking lots. This fact is very disheartening, given they raise temperatures in both the urban and rural areas. Trees however, can lower the summer daytime temperature by 10 degrees.
What other benefits do trees provide, beyond heat reduction?
1. Air pollution reduction
2. Energy emissions reduction
3. Water quality improvement
4. Flooding reduction
5. Noise reduction
6. Wildlife habitats
All of theses things improve the health of humans, animals and the planet, in general.

There was a study performed which gave a value to tree loss based on their role in air pollution removal and energy conservation. The lost value amounted to $96 million per year. An astounding number.
Some tree loss is from natural causes like, hurricanes, tornados, fires, insects and disease. Those factors are nothing we can change. Sensible development is something we humans CAN and should control. We, as a society, can not wait for governmental large-scale changes to take place. Sadly, the making of money seems to always supersede improving the environment.
How can each individual help?
1. Protect the trees you have. Mulch around the base, to aid in their hydration. Prune them regularly. Maintain their overall health.
2. Don’t remove old trees if not necessary. Prune them instead. Consult a specialist when you suspect disease. In many cases, the spread can be prevented and the tree need not be destroyed.
3. Plant and nurture new trees on your property.
4. Become active in tree-planting societies.
5. Educate yourself and be involved.

Together we can make a difference. 🌲 🌳