Disguising covert technology as a paranormal phenomena,
Even using it as a way to tap into people's religious beliefs.

If you listen to the first minute or two of this It's evident what they're trying to do.
With many Intelligence community agents claiming this to be paranormal phenomena, even extraterrestrial threats.

We've seen this particular tactic during the invasion of Afghanistan,
When the United States Government used it against the Afghan population.
It was used as "the voice of god" to tell people how they should surrender to the Americans. This is mainly the reason why there wasn't too many causalities during this invasion.

This article explains how there needs not be a need for an intelligent being to be operating this technology it could be a computer program, More often refereed to as "Bots"

'Chatter bots' an artificial intelligence program, that automates much of the repetition so that the interrogators don’t drive themselves crazy during the neural linguistic torture and programming phases. Because verbal breakdown is most important during interrogations and torture.

For information

One of the tactics mentioned on this report is the record of some behavioral modification techniques.

If you liked indistinguishable colors (That change the way they look either near and far or that are hard to describe) Either on your car or your clothes. You'd be ridiculed by either people around you or via these transmissions, mentioning how feminine they look or that color makes you look fat. (IE Your car is a soccer mom SUV... Because it has a purple blueish color)

The point of these sudden change in anxiety or emotional states (thought blocks) is to is to create a sense of despair and helplessness.

In the no-touch torture methods it is helpful if the target is labeled with mental illness for discrediting purposes so it does not draw human rights groups’ attention.

Memory erasure (thought blockage) can be used on the cybernetic target to make the target believe people have broken in and moved their belongings. While physical black bag jobs do occur, it is a way to make the target more paranoid.

Isolation is a method to try to get the Individual to talk to the interrogators since humans have the need for companionship. These techniches become more evident when rumors via phone calls or text messages reach the of the targets family and friends or surrounding neighbors because it makes them more susceptible to compliance.

Part of the method involves slander in their community (calling texting your neighbors or random people in a store) --They end up on the most part in poverty and paranoid about doctors and other people from false correlations that are purposefully induced into their lives.

The NSA easily hacks all computer systems and causes harm to the victim’s intellectual property (closing windows, closing apps, internet malfunctions) The point is to let the target know they are being watched and to increase their paranoia.

In conclusion anything that involves maximum pain is the objective. And sleep deprivation along with hallucination is key In behavior modification and programming.