i was working on an application all evening, and now i've hit a wall.

i can write no more. i mean i can write here, with my eyes closed, but i can't work on the application much more right now.
in addition to a long application, it requires 3 essays, 250-400 words each.

i wrote one essay. and i got to the second one and i just can't.it's too late at night. maybe i should have started sooner. my brain is like mush.
and writing a philosophy of education is no easy task.
it's kind of an open thing. and it's so open that it makes the task tricky. you want to be brief, but hit all the key things you aim for and believe about education.
it's kind of nuts.
and my brain can't organize the key words i want in a lovely brief format at this time.
i have a tired headache. i guess i should go to bed.