It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that June 9th, 2020 will be my last day and year on Gaia. Which will be exactly ten years to the day I first joined. I just feel like my time here is coming to end. The time is coming for me to close this wonderful fairy tale book, and end this chapter in my life. It has been a very long journey. Roller coaster of emotions over the years. Lots of heartbreak, and more than my fair share of tears. Friendships that I wouldn't trade for anything. Memories and laughter that will stay with me forever. That one special person that I will love and hold dear to my heart always. I have moved on. But, a part of me will always love you. To all my close friends; I love you all so much. Thank you for sticking with me for all of these years. Finally, thank you for always being here for me, Gaia. Thank you for giving me my second home where I always felt welcome, loved, and felt free to be nobody but myself. And that was enough. I was good enough.