Let me first start this off by saying that I am very new to the Arenas. I am currently on my 3rd submission in the Cosplay Avatar category. There is something that I have noticed that has been bothering me lately. Other users who are competing against you in the same category, ARE ALLOWED TO RATE YOUR AVI. Why is this being allowed?? This is far from fair, if you ask me. Most users who are competing against you, rate you extremely low in order to sabotage you, and lessen your chances of winning a top spot. In my personal opinion, this is a gross injustice and is wrong in so many ways. There are insanely talented avi designers who are being ROBBED of a top spot because of this flaw in the system. Of course your competition is going to rate you low! They want to win! In the future, this needs to be fixed. Your competition SHOULD NOT be able to rate your avi at all! I am absolutely disgusted.