I had another one last night.
At first everything seemed fine, if a little off. Apparently I was the very sheltered fiancee of a young businessman. He had me stay inside his large fancy office building so no one would know about me. So no one would be able to hurt me. At some point the two of us got in a fight. I left to go get a coffee. (That bit is a little strange, because I don't drink coffee irl, but I'm also not engaged let alone engaged to a wealthy businessman, so there's that.) Practically as soon as I left I was snatched by a couple of brutish guards who shoved me inside a limo where another wealthy businessman was waiting. They were intending to kidnap and interrogate employees on business secrets or something. But first this man asked my my name. I gave it to him without thinking. (In my dream I apparently had a different name, too.) Dream-me shouldn't have done that. My name wasn't public, but it was known in the business world, and he recognized it. Wealthy-kidnapper-businessman gave me a wicked grin. He had different plans for me now. He had his guards tie my hands with his silk tie, and the limo started driving off.
That was where my dream ended.
These dreams don't stop. They never stop. They've been going on for years. I don't know how to make them stop.