( Halfbod art by ThanatosRising, Chibi art by princesashini -afaik neither really do gaia gold commissions anymore, but sashini did have an art auction or two at the end of 2018 I suppose.)
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She ignores a door opening and continues reading a booklet of some kind, analyzing its contents with her pet mouse next to it.
"What do you want? I'm basically a Neet..but that's what happens when you almost die in something, it tends to ruin your life. Especially when it was kind of a crummy mmo with a gimmick. I mean, everyone loved it and all, but when you get down to it the headset was-I mean, is, just a gimmick. So, my tag name is Yumiko. I was dumb enough to put a real last name, but I typically don't tell people that- besides, who would believe that Mr. and Mrs. Reptile are real people? It sounds like a tacky childs nickname for crotchety neighbors or something.."

She adjusts her glasses and stands up, looking inquisitively at the person entering the room.
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"Kirito this, Kirito that..more than anything, he makes me sick. I'm sure he is a good guy and everything. Still, regardless of whether he's a douche or a nice guy, the dual blade thing is over-rated. Though, I'd like to point out, that if two blades gets your knickers in a bunch- what if you attached 8 tiny blades to your hand? ...Argo had claw weapons. They acted as an information broker, but if you think about it, how heavy is a sword? Regardless of how fast you are, it's much quicker to, just punch someone in the face. Mind you, in real life bagh nakh are the closest that it gets to wolverine claws, and those are completely different because those are blunt. Still, isn't it funny how nobody talks about claws or gauntlets? "

She swaps out her armor set, whilst also equipping her claws and demonstrably performs a few swipes in the air. (Thank you Kiaori Moon Warrior, for this next piece of art >w< ..unfortunately it doesn't quite fit, so, sorry for the slightly LQ version)
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The class wasn't unique itself, however, most people didn't use claws because you have to have a fast reaction time in order to compensate for the fact that you literally have to be within arm's length of an opponent at all times. This was her largest gripe about 'dual wielding' - and the claim about 'being the fastest player' being technically inaccurate. To stab something in the face with your fists, and then dodge it's next movement, that took true speed. Kirito had a bad habit of parrying monsters, he frequently didn't have to dodge because his hp pool was ridiculous. Fighting with claws meant relying on agility and luck more often than not. Incidentally, her ears and cat tail themselves were both luck based accessories These allowed her to get items she otherwise wouldn't have had access to, in addition to being an alchemy nerd.

The claw weapons described in the secondary game, Alfheim, are said to be the most difficult type to use- other than her, they were only used by cait sith honor guard. Yumiko, got hers in SAO. Initially they were normal steel plated claws, but she upgraded them over time. The newest set of claws didn't come from any one monster, but rather, they were like two knives, each crafted from boss grade materials and then attached to their respective slot, making them even better than unique weapons because they had combined effects. It made this particular set of claws a tier above uniques, because it was a player-made unique out of several high grade components instead of just one. Still, normally she didn't fight because of the whole claw bit, but she was a guild leader and most certainly capable if a situation called for it. Without a little fighting she never would have been able to get the armor set or the claws. In order to move quickly, she needed light to medium armors, anything heavy would just do more harm than good. Of course, the cat accessories also helped a bit, since the flavor text could be trusted to give the wearer added "cat like agility" - that wasn't the point of her rant.