I automatically put all Moe or Moe wannabes on ignore. There is one particular user (or multiple users. I can't be 100% certain) on here that mass create these avi's with names like 'Moe this' and 'Moe that.' Or some other dumb name. It's stupid and annoying. Not to mention, whoever this individual is; they are always either A) Constantly spewing hate speech (which I have zero tolerance for) , B) Trolling, or C) Both. Now, if you have already read my journal entry titled 'Why did you put me on ignore?'; you will know that I automatically put trolls on ignore. I have zero tolerance for this and will not make any exceptions for anyone!

On another note, allegedly this 'Moe' person is a known hacker. I cannot verify the truth behind this as I do not know for certain. This is just from statements I have heard from other users. I do not take ANY chances with hackers or individuals that are even suspected of being hackers. I automatically put them on ignore. As you will know if you have read my 'Why did you put me on ignore?' journal entry.

If you see this 'Moe' person in flash spaces or anywhere else, I highly encourage you to put them on ignore! Or report them, if you have the time. I have witnessed first hand the racist and homophobic diatribe from this 'Moe' person. They are an incredibly hateful individual. Protect yourself and your account and put them on ignore!

'Moe' person's appearance

They usually have an all red background. Their avi will be a light brown bunny wearing a red shirt and red glasses.

Edit: To whoever this individual is: It does not matter how many 'Moe' or troll accounts you make.

I will put ALL of them on ignore until you finally STOP.

It is quite evident that you have entirely too much free time on your hands.

You need to get off the internet and get a hobby. Get a job.

Do something productive with your life that does not involve trolling people on the internet all day.

Update: (6/14/19) As of today, I have started actively reporting these 'Moe', 'Moe' wannabes, and troll accounts.

I am tired of seeing them. Something has got to make you people stop. If it means reporting EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of them, so be it.

Gaia should be a positive and safe place for everyone to come and hang out with their friends. Not constantly be harassed by trolls and hateful people.

In my reports, I will also be including VIDEO FOOTAGE of what you are doing.

So, if you see me in flash spaces; know that you are being RECORDED.

Since you will not stop creating your accounts to troll and harass people, I will not stop reporting you until you are GONE from Gaia.