SICK of caleb telling me he will do one thing, then doing something totally diferent next!! he told me he would call me before he left to go out of town, did he call me? NO he told me, he would call me when he got there, did he call me? NO HE DIDNT, and i know he's got access t o phones cause his mom has service up there too...but i dont have his moms cellphone so i cant call her to find out if he got there okay. i cant call caleb because caleb isnt answering his god damn ******** phonee. so! i call him repeatedly upuntill 3:00 right? well at 3:05 he TURNS OFF THE DAMN PHONE, WHICHJ MEANS HE KNEW I WAS CALLING HIM THE HOLE TIME! WHICH MEANS HE DIDNT FORGET IT, WHICH MEANS HE'S NOT ASLEEP IGNORING THE PHONECALLS, I AHTE IT WHEN HE TURNS OFF HIS GOD DAMN ******** PHONE LIKE THAT, I HATE IT! all i wanted to know was if he was okay, and if he got there okay, he usually donesnt answer the phone likle that unless something is wrong, he usually calls me to let me know he got there okay, ,, im just a little pissed right now, he's ******** sitting in the doghouse, and i am not kidding.