Halloz! i be at my dad's work right now typeing up a resume for getting a job XD and i be stuck...but dad's with a customer so i cant really interrupt...>.< anyways! im not in school nemore! i finished last friday smile which is happeh. anyways yeah, i should be betting atleast a 2.15 grade average this semester which is just enough to move on to SCAD rofl Mothers day was this weekend...I ended up staying with calebs family sunday instead of spending time with my own mother...why? due to all the issues ive had to deal with i DONT want to have anything to do with her. i did atleast get her a card and a rose. which i dropped by the house while mom was out of town. *Shrug* i donno....i havent heard from anybody yet about anything that happend this weekend. but yeah ill keep you people updated. anyways i better get back to my resume before i get in trouble c ya! ^.^; 3nodding