>.< i am soooo pissed at gaia...i coulda been talking to ben today during the day for once and guess what, as soon as i get on and he gets on >.< and also guess what >.< gaia decides to be a ******** and shut down randomly for no ******** reason >.< then takes forever for me to send a post...also it takes forever for me to log in...i had a journal entery posted before and it deleted it...*twitchie twitchie* meh...mom's pissing me off..i want nothingto do with her rightn ow and my yiayia keeps setting me up to where i will have to be around her....which is really pissing me off cause i feel like everyone is trying to force me to be with her when i dont want to be with her at ALL untill thisdivorce is final....>.< cause i dont want to be treatedthe way i was when i was living at that house...everyday during the summer i'd either get yelled at, ignored or smacked in the face...even threatened...bahha nd the other night ago...she lectured me about "Working things out" and "being respectfull" .... WHEN I HAVENTBEEN DISRESPECTFULL! the hole reason why i havent bothered to be around her well one would beb ecause i cant be around her due to the fact that i CANT be respectfull. two would be because everytime im with her or every time i go over to my yiayia's house alone, i get attacked... with things like "do you still love your mother?" " i think your terrible to say that about her" WHEN EVERY THING I HAVE SAID IS TRUTH! >.< NOT ONLY THAT, BUT MY BROTHER says the same crap....and hes not getting s**t for it at all! >.< he's not talking to mom either! and yet he doesnt get all this drama bullshit...im soooo pissed off about this...i wanna shoott hings >.< but i cant ....so ill just play GUNZ online this weekend when my other comp gets hooked up tot he internet XD

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Music:Yokko Kanno-Inner Universe