meh, another day of boredom ^^; atleast it wasnt a terribly bad dayz smile i finally finished that damn paper ive been workin on, and im almost done with my memorial project XD... my roomate isdriving me nuts...i swear she keeps leaving her crap on and she's not even in her ******** room. >.< it makes me angry when she does that....and she creeps me out...i dont trust her at all...>.< she always has this pissy look on her face, and its very upsetting espically when she's glareing at me in class when im being crazy with my friends. i have the feeling she's going to dosomething nasty on the last day of school...or mabye thats just my lack of trust towards her comeing in play...>.< whatever it is it aint good..anywho. smile ill give update later as to weather i get high enuf grades to get into scad, i probably will. XD