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Chibi_Kokoro134's journal! Mostly about anime or personal stuff for me only

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GNPCSC IV - Entry 1: Stolen Embrace
Username: Chibi_Kokoro143
Title of Story: Stolen Embrace
NPCs involved: Rookie Detective and Striking Thief
Character Item(s) Referenced: Rookie Detective and Striking Thief

It was the middle of a November morning. The streets of Durem was bustling with people running around, trying to get out of the downpour. And with the air turning chilly, the rain was an unwelcomed site, for it turn the temperature down right cold. The Durem Clock Tower struck 10 am, yet the grey skies seemed to make it look like a late afternoon.
Inside a particular building, people were running around and answering calls. Towers of papers were stacked up upon desks, where coffee mugs were in a row, on display. People chatted about the weather and the crimes that were piled up in the world of Gaia. Newspaper clippings about infamous criminals and famous cases lined the right wall. On the right, in the breakroom, a man with two holstered clips leaned in towards a mousy looking girl with wide glasses frames. She, holding her folders with both arms, while he, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, his other arm was above her head, leaning in close to her.
“ALRIGHTY EVERYONE!” said a booming voice as he clapped his hands and grabbed everyone’s attention. He was a large man, and not in a bad way either. He was built like a bodybuilder, his orange hair and his voice held a hit of Irish in them. Next to him, a pair of baby blue eyes swung from the couple in the break room to her new boss, her tied up light pink hair whipped to the side of her face. The man’s beefy hand clasped onto the girl’s shoulder, the tan overcoat doing nothing to prevent the warmth seeping in. She blushed as the man continued, “HEY GUYS!” he grunted as he used his other hand to gesture towards her. “This Here Is Our Rookie Detective! Make sure you give a warm welcome to her, yer hear?!” Everyone who stopped doing their work to pay attention to the boss, went right back to what they were doing. Her Boss patted her on the back as he lead her to his office.
The office was clean and tidy, with a neat stack of papers off to the corner of the desk. waiting for him to fill them out. He sat down and made a notion for her to do the same. She sat on the chair opposite of him, as she fixed her black short, she then started to look around for any photos and awards when he then plopped down a huge file on his desk, the words written in bold saying,Striking Thief.
“Now, listen here Rookie.”
She looked at him with a ticked look on her face, but held her anger in check. “My name is not-”
“This is a big case we have been working on since I was head of the office.” He said, interrupting her, “And I’m giving you a shot to take a whack at it.” He got up and looked out of his oversized window, the fellow gaians below, on the streets, were going about their daily lives. “We have been running around in circles try to get this guy and that is not the real problem of it.”
He turned to face her, a vein starting to show at the anger that seethe underneath the surface. “More than half the gaian population is completely enamored with this guy! So they aren’t even helping us out! Not even trying to!”
He then went over to his desk and held the stack out with both of his beefy hands. She then took the stack and held it to her chest with both arms. “Get to studying rookie, you gotta lot of work to do.” He then turned away to face out the window again.
She sighed as she left his office and went into her desk, yet to be filled with her personal effects. She placed the big folder down and started to get to work…
Mid-afternoon, she hadn’t even made a dent in her “homework” when she started to get hungry. As she got up and made her way into the break room, she open the fridge, got her lunch and popped it in the microwave to nuke it.
She was getting a cup o’ joe while her food is heating, when she heard a couple of voices.
“Did you see what the big man gave the Rookie?” said a high pitch voice.
“Yeah. The Striking Thief. The boss is so mean.” said an even lower voice.
Two men were talking about her, she listened even more closely
“Oh yeah! I know!” the high pitched man laughed. “He is really trying to get her kicked off the team so badly! And I have to agree,” said the voice as it got louder and soon the two men came in through the doorway. “This is not a playground for children.”
Her anger bursted though as she grabbed the coffee pot and swung it on the two detectives, coffee spilling everywhere.
They howled in pain, “SON OF A-”
“I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT I CAN DO!” She slammed the coffee pot down, cracking it, grabbed her food from the microwave, and stalked to her office to get to work, the framed rattled as she slammed it shut.
The day came and went and soon than later, night fell upon city, the rain making it even darker, creepier, than usual.
The boss came out with his dark tan trench coat and saw the lights, near the wall with the articles, on, the rookie sitting there looking at them.
He made his way over and grunted. “Still here?”
She made a startled gasp and dropped her pencil and notepad. “Boss!” She quickly picked up her things and tucked a strand of hair that fell loose.
He took up a position near her and looked at the wall. “How’s the work coming along?”
“Good,” she said.
There was silence between the two, until she spoke. “Um….,” she fidget.
“Huh?” He turned towards her and shocked registered across his face. She was blushing at him and her eyes were looking at the ground. “I-I really admire you work,” she stuttered, “It was the reason why I wanted to come here, in the line of work...in this office. I really wanted to help gaians out who couldn’t defend themselves and…” she looked at him. “I hope I get to learn from you more.”
“SIR!” A detective ran into the front door, ruining the moment. “It’s him!”
The Rookie saw the boss grabbed his hat and turned to look at her. “Here’s your chance, Rookie. It’s your perp.”
There were police cars everywhere, surrounding a museum known for holding jewels that the ancient gods of gaia wore. Rookie and her boss stepped out of the car into the pouring rain, and just in the nick of time too. “THERE HE IS!” yelled a police officer.
The Rookie looked up at the sky and…there! Against the moonlight, with the raining reflecting the light, he bursted out of the window...her eyes widen. He wore clothes as black as night, noire, and had a handsome visage.
He then turned to look and smirk at the crowd below until he his eyes widen as well, a startled look, and as he reached the roof on the opposite side of the street, he….stumbled.
The Rookie snapped out of her daze and narrowed her eyes before giving chase.
While her boss...stood off to the side, a witness to everything he saw.
Three Days...three days the Striking Thief has showed up under the Rookie’s nose and got away. Yet, every encounter she had with him, felt strange.
In those three days, the Rookie was stuck in her office studying about her perp when she wasn’t chasing him or spending time in the clinic after every brash mistake she has done.
She sat at her office looking at escape patterns the Striking Thief had made in the past, with the files the boss has given her from day one. It was true that the Thief never had a set pattern before, but now he always hesitated or stopped while giving chase.
A report, prior to three days ago, said his last heist was that night, her first night on her job,...yet he continues to steal jewels.
A knock sounded at her door and, as she looked up, an office member stuck their head in. “The big guy is looking for you, Rookie.”
Rookie nodded with a sigh. She has long given up on them calling her by her real name, but yet that too, was pointless. No one here liked her and wouldn’t even bother to talk to her unless told to get her or talk to her by the boss.
She got up and headed towards her boss’s office and knocked on the door. She heard a grunt, which she knows is her boss’s way of answering and came in. “Looking for me?”
“Close the door.” He said as he loosen the collar of his shirt.
She closed the door and was about to sit down when he gestured to stand beside him near the window. She took position up next to him and looked at his side profile. He had an intense look on his face as he looked outside, as if looking for something. After a short while, some sort of recognition look was on his eyes flicked before it was replace with resolved.
He then turned towards her. “How you feeling, Rookie?”
She sighed a little and looked outside. “Had worst. I just wanna catch this guy, you know? He is my first big case.”
The boss grabbed her gently by the shoulders and turned her towards him. He seemed...really close to her. “If you need anything, let me know, alright?”
She blushed and nodded with determination in her eyes. “Yes sir.”
But before she turned to leave, he held on strong, he had...a strange look in his eyes and, as he grabbed the side of her and angled her face to look at him, he looked at her lips.
He closed in, their lips about to touch, as the Rookie blushed and closed her eyes…
A loud crash sounded in the offices.
People cursed and was yelling at others to look for the perp, the Boss jumped away and went into the other room.
The Rookie cursed as well...for an entirely different reason.
The Boss...saw a figure dressed in black retreated around the corner, he smiled wickedly. Gotcha.
That night, the Rookie retreated to her bedroom, with a high range of emotions. She had her hair up in the ribbon she always wore when at work, after she took her bath, and had a Durem logo tank and shorts for pjs. She plopped down on her bed and held a Gaia-tan pillow tight in her arms as she touched her lips, she cursed at the close encounter she had with her boss and blushed.
“That was so close.” She hugged her pillow tighter and looked out her bedroom window. Here, she can see Durem’s Clock Tower against the night sky, the moon right behind her.
“I’ve…I’ve always admired him.” Her bosses face flashed through her mind as she remembered watching the news and reading the paper clippings of him and his solved cases.
“Maybe even more than admire.”
She thought about the kiss she almost had and shook her head to dislodge the thoughts.
She decided not to think about the subject anymore before she starts to cry at the injustice of it all.
As she laid down and drifted off to sleep, she was soon jerked awake to feel herself being flipped onto her stomach and being tied at her ankles and wrists. She was then blindfolded and then carried off her bed, struggling as the intruder picked her up, and plopped her on the floor.
“Why…”a deep aristocratic voice said. “I’m hurt that you have forgotten about me.”
She then struggled more to try to loosen the ties of the ropes, to no avail. Then she heard her assailant coming closer to her and took her by the chin and held her steady. “Don’t worry. You won’t be like this for long. I’m just here to steal something.” He said all nonchalant.
She stopped and froze up when she heard the keyword… “Steal?”
Before she knew it, she felt a lips pressed upon her’s, passionate kiss like none other. He held her steady and then angled her head towards the side, deepening the the kiss further. No words could describe the kiss...except that it burned. She felt her hair ribbon being pulled off and then the blindfold was pulled off.
She looked up...and her eyes widen. The Striking Thief...stood in front of her, ribbon in his hand and the window behind him.
“I stole what was rightfully mine.” His eyes pierced hers with unleashed passion and he smirked as he backed up and opened the window. “Until we meet again…”
He jumped out.
She sat there, stunned. It was him. He was the one who caused the window to crash in the offices. He was the one…who stole...her first kiss. One, she will never...get back.
Unmounted rage built up inside her and she yelled. “I’LL GET YOU STRIKING THIEF!”
And somewhere outside of Durem’s city limits, a french styled mansion sit on the edge of a lake. Inside, sat a thief on the most luxurious bed money could offer.
“I’ll be seeing you soon, my Rookie Detective,” he purred as he brought the detective’s hair ribbon to his lips, giving it a caressing kiss.

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