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the beggining

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The Beginning
Her last human life had left her spirit bewilderd and confused. Bernadette had once again failed to find Agnus in human form. she wasnt a failure, oh no. Agnus was the dominant leader of "the hiddens", which were a new group forming against God and his Lights (aka angels and guardians and all the related what-not). Let me explain..
The hidden are a basically self explanitory group. they do unspeakable sins, and then hide. its basically a giant hide-and-go seek game involving the entire universe. only instead of giving up when they are found, they try to go and hide again. and they are givin credit because basically, they succeed about 60% of the time. to be a hidden takes skill. only God knows all the nooks and crannies he has created. only problem, he cant really do much: see, hes God.he can destroy and create whenever he wants. but he WANTS us to be smart: and figure things out on our own. he likes the fact that the hidden are an intelligent force. even though they work against him. he likes to watch the game be played. lights do most of gods work. God is only master because he can destroy even himself. he choses not to. this is why god hasnt stopped them. God isnt even a major character in this story, just as he probably isnt even invovled in your life. so why do i ramble about him? so no stupid questions are asked.
Bernadette wasnt the "most powerfull" light out there. nobody claims that title because each light (angel, if you forgot) has their own little quirk that can overcome another. Bernadette is mostly blind. even colors are hard to see. the only thing she can see are outlines. but she had premonitions. she would see visions, and could feel things that werent right. When she awakened out of her body, she knew she had messed up again. she didnt know how but she felt dissappointed in herself. her last death cause: head trauma. so of course she was to suffer amnesia for a bit. she stood up, and took a look around. "where am i?...huh? whats with the headache.." she gasps to find her head bleeding.."what happened!?!" "Relax Bern, its just a head wound. Here, let me stitch it up for you.."

anyone wanna continue the story? who is this person, and should he be trusted? thats would be up to you.
RULES: you should write as your own person. as from your characters point of view. ie: im only writing from bernadetes point of view, therefore only i know her true thoughts. that way no character is manipulated in the story razz
yea you can write for more than one person if you please xP

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