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Thoughts N Junk

Christopher Hall JMR
Community Member
(the Beginning)

In the beginning of time when Zion the father created the earth, he was to choose one to go down to guide and protect its people. Zion had many children but out of all his children there were two that were strongest and loyal. These two blessed children where Geldon and Leon. Geldon was brave and true he never questioned his lord he lead the heavenly army against the non-believing humans who swore to kill all believers, Leon was also brave and true he watched over the angels in heaven while Geldon led the heavenly army. Zion could only choose one to go down to earth and so he tested these two children, the test of internal peace, in this test the person being tested would be beat by evil men and would not be allowed to hit back instead he was to forgive and love. First to be tested was Geldon (Zion) Geldon stay true my son this won’t last, just then Zion pointed his arm to the floor in front of Geldon, a darkness fell over Geldon and he passed out when he awoke he found himself surround by dirty savage looking men holding clubs. (Geldon) my dear brothers I have no hate towards thee. At the end of his sentence they all attacked him swinging their clubs mercilessly beating him. (Geldon) I will not falter father I will stay true. Geldon dropped his head and prayed with all his might until he didn’t feel the beating anymore, he looked up to see the savages in tears he arose and said I forgive you my brothers and hugged them all, just then the darkness came over him again and he passed out once more and awoke next to Zion. (Zion) you have passed this test my son now go and call on you brother Leon it is his turn (geldon) yes father. Leon stood before his father and bowed (Leon) I am here father what is your wish? (Zion) it is time to be tested my son. Zion did the same as he did to Geldon and Leon woke and saw the same savages with clubs (Leon) my brothers do not do this I have done nothing to you. They came forward and started beating him, Leon lowered his head but instead of praying he just closed his eyes, they kept beating and beating him Leon felt something inside of him that he knew was a sin to feel, it was anger..Leon tried to ignore it but the hits were deadly and making it hard for him to concentrate and slowly this anger consumed him until he arose and lifted his arms and a great lightning stroke the ground throwing the savages back he the picked up one of the clubs and started toward the savages with anger in his eyes the savages could only crawl away and as Leon was about to make the killing blow he passed out and awoke in front of his father. Leon! What is wrong with you! (Leon) I...I.. Im sorry father I do not know what came over me..(Zion) this test goes to Geldon. Leon lowered his head in shame. (geldon) thank you father I am most appreciative, just as he said this Leon looked up and felt a anger in him that he was not used to..he felt angry towards his brother. (Zion) I have chosen who will go down to earth. I have chosen Geldon, you will guide and protect earth’s people. As his father was speaking Leon felt the anger rising again but heavier then before. (Leon) NOOO!! Leon charged his brother and with one swift punch Geldon fell to the ground (Leon) this..this anger feels good I I like it..no ha ha I love it!! (Zion) Leon!! What have you done?!?! (Leon) shut it father I will go down to earth and I will consume their hearts with anger ha ha ha and neither you nor Geldon will stop me! Just then Geldon arose and grabbed his brother (geldon) no Leon don’t do this! (Leon) get off of me Geldon you were always father favorite. Leon elbowed Geldon in the gut and the turned to face him (Leon) this ends now brother, a fight to the death (geldon) no Leon I will not fight you you are my brother (Zion) listen to him Leon, you let the anger control you! (Leon) if you will not fight then you will die!! (Zion) NOO!!. Leon grabbed Geldon by the throat (geldon choking) Leon please stop *choke* this *choke* (Leon) no brother I don’t think so not this time. Leon then with all his might crushed Geldon’s throat and Geldon fell to the floor lifeless, Leon then turned to his father (Leon) you are next father come let us embrace. Leon started walking to his father but Zion stretched out his hand to Leon and Leon fell to the floor in agony (Leon) AHHHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!!!! (Zion) I will not allow this Leon you have become evil and henceforth are not my son (Leon) YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS FATHER!! Leon then let out an intensely loud scream of anger so loud that Zion had no choice but to cover his ears and when Leon was out of his fathers gold he ran to the gate of heaven (Zion) guards get him!!! The guards chased Leon but Leon was to strong to be captured he struck lightning bolts at the guards killing them he then arrived at the gate (Leon) finally ha ha ha so long father I will return and when I do you will fall to my might ha ha; Leon blasted the gates open and lept down to earth. (random angel) father go after him. (zion) I cannot my child..earth is to wicked for me to step foot on..There is nothing I can do..

Years went by as Leon turned many of earth’s people evil and corrupt, all Zion could do was watch and hope that one day somebody would strike down his evil son

Leon loved his new way of life he had no mercy and was dreadfully darker than he ever was, he was so emerged in his evilness that he forgot all about his father and about his brother, he felt that he was missing something..something he forgot he wanted to do (leon) what was it that I wanted to do? I can’t put my finger on it hmmm. As the morning sunlight shined on his face he was struck with a flash back of his past and everything that happened him killing his brother and his father disowning him and the last thing that he said to his father (leon) those words.. oh yes ha ha I remember what it was I said..So long father I will return and when I do you will fall to my might.. yes I will make him fall to my might then I will consume the hearts of all his children ha ha yes

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