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AhiruTwin's Ramblings and Rants
I love to talk about something that I realy like in long, elated sentances, so watch out! I'll pretty much talk about anything from books to movies to food. ^_^
For linking purposes...
... in case anyone ever asks for Glee fanfic (and I hate doing this over and over again).

Anything by broadwaypants. She's awesome. Pay attention to all of the ratings, though; I accidentally read an M rated one that startled the hell out of me to say the least, ha ha. My favorites are probably Why Kurt Hummel Hates Facebook which is a T oneshot that's truly hilarious (and features my favorite version of Jesse ever), Broadway Geeks which is cute and long as well as it's sequel Facebook, Day of Silence is really ******** good, but it's super intense and it shows how everyone's day progresses as they participate in the Day of Silence at school (rated T for some particular scenes) and it's various oneshot follow-ups Aftermath. She also has quite a bit of Klaine oneshots and even a couple Kurt/Jesse ones.

Kivrin is a really good writer, too. Course Corrections is an interesting read with a unique AU premise and some awesome OCs. It's sequel, Morning Shows the Day, is equally good and so is the threequel, Ten Thousand Remembrances, although that last one just has one chapter so far. They're all very long and rated T. But her other oneshots are great, too.

Of course, everyone and their mom knows about Dalton, but if you read that one, you'll have to check out the writer's Tumblr for her extra oneshots and such. She answers a lot of questions and fills in characters that aren't featured heavily in the main story there, so it's kind of necessary to keep up with it all. It can be found here. Oh, and here's the other Tumblr she writes on, Something Damaged, which is where she puts up the stuff about her character's TV show (if that's confusing, you have no idea, ha ha). Keep in mind that this fic in particular has a huge number of OCs and they are focused on more heavily than the cannon characters. It's all rated T, I believe.

Miggy is probably the best Glee fanfic writer out there and no one knows it because she doesn't do shipping fics. Her Sue is amazing. Like, the most accurate to the show I've ever seen. Santana too, for that matter. That link takes you to her fic collection page, which has links to all of her other stuff, but honestly the real gem of hers is her Glee: Survivor stuff. Basically she had a series of posts and polls that put the Glee characters in Survivor. It wrapped up last month, I believe. It's completely awesome. The first poll is here, which shows the break down for who got voted onto the "show". Otherwise, just go to this page on her main journal and start reading the entries in order, oldest on the bottom and getting newer on the way up. Hit "go later" at the bottom of that page to get to the rest. These are more fun than should be legal. All rated T.

Keitorin Asthore is another great author. She's written an insane amount of fanfic. Like, at least fifty Glee fics. And they are all amazing. Her OCs are really awesome and rounded, particularly Blaine's family, and especially his older sister. Someday You Will Be Loved is a series of in-between the scenes moments throughout the show starting with the episode Never Been Kissed. She expands on the characters and their interactions in really lovely ways. It's on hiatus right now and rated T. You and I is a batch of Klaine-y goodness; basically, each chapter uses a Katy Perry song to relate to a point in their relationship. Rated T. Knife Going In is really, really, really good. It's rated M for a reason, but it's really good. Very emotional and truamatizing, but so damn well-written. I'd recommend skipping the prologue if you want to avoid the horrifying bit and just be careful on chapter 7; it's the part that details the intense stuff. But seriously, it has some of the most beautiful Klaine stuff I've ever read. (Also, if you like Avatar: The Last Airbender or Shaman King, she has a million fics for those too.) Also-also, her Tumblr has lots of oneshots not on her other account.

Swingsets and Sandboxes is lovely. Just... lovely. Filled with emotion and cute moments and great writing and bring tissues. Lots of tissues. Blaine and Kurt as kids will do that to you. Rated T.

Truth, Love, and Evolution is the longest fanfic I've linked so far, coming in at 43 chapters and it's still not done. It's glacial, but still enjoyable. It takes a lot of patience, ha ha. The OCs are co-opted from Keitorin Asthore's world (the two writers share their characters because they are awesome), so they're very good. More T rated Klaine.

I may or may not be a little addicted to fanfic.

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