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Hyper Tenten02's Journal YAY!!!
Hello hahaha i plan to write all sorts of stuff here lol only when im bored though. :)
Blergkebnhfvbd,scdgvyfeudwika Im kinda bored and I still have issues with posting journals so ya lets answer some questions about myself cause t=I dont want to on facebook. sweatdrop

~Was your first kiss perfect?~

It hasent happened yet sweatdrop which I get yelled at alot because of

~How do you handle breakups?~

I havent ever been through one but id imagine myself crying alot. and you dont understand how much alot really is xd

~What song did you hear last?~

Shinitagari or in english I thinnk its wanna die or wanna dies.... Its by Hatsune Miku 3nodding

~What woke you up this morning?~

My radio playing fireworks my katy perry eek

~Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with a J, A, M, S or D?~

Ummmmm Mom and Dad? lol I still havent had my first kiss yet remember?? xp

~Who was the last person you took a picture with?~

dchsgkalhnbhgbvjdks my friend JUST took a picture of me and my boyfriend in the hallway rofl I didnt see the picture yet though

~If you HAD to get a tattoo where would you get it?~

um anywhere it wouldnt hurt whee

~Favorite fruit?~

Pomogranites (how the h**l do you spell that?!?)

~Anyone say they wanted to be with you forever?~

No D': kinda whish someone would though

~Are you good at hiding your feelings?~

I thiiink??

~Do you ever get good morning texts from anyone?~


~Do you try hard in school?~

of course! I really have no choice cause if I dont I'll fail but i do procrastinate alot sweatdrop

~Do you remember who you liked this time three months ago?~

Yes my boyfriend whee haha

~Ever drank too much and did something you were not supposed to?~

Im not legally alowwed to do such a thing yet....

~Would you rather be able to jump into love, or out of love?~

probably out I can get into something like that pretty quickly cause once you think maybe I like him its all over. GOURD WHAT IS THAT FROM!?!?!??!

~Would you rather get pregnant at too young an age or never be able to?~

Well never be able to cause then I could adopt an asian 3nodding I joke about that alot really. I dont ever want to get pregnant its gross. IM GONNA END UP GETTING CUT OPEN JUST CAUSE THE WORLD HATES ME!!! so ya im a never gettin pregnant xd

~Do you think anyone has feelings for you?~

I would kinda hope so seeing as im in a relationship but I honestly dont know

~Who were you with last night?~

My family at my aunts bridal shower so ya the whole female side of my family

~Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?~

In the car yes biggrin on the bus no D:

~How many piercings do you have?~

Just one on each ear

~Is there someone who continuously lets you down?~


~When someone says we need to talk, what runs through your mind?~

" im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry etc etc etc" sweatdrop

~What is the biggest turnoff?~

Ok this is mean but like being fat? like unhealthy fat! its just.... ughhghghghghhghg

~Have any text messages saved, and what do they say?~

Ya there mostly just the adresses to my friends houses though so i dont forget wink

~Does anyone have any blackmail on you?~

eh probably

~Where is your mom right now?~


~Have you ever set a marshmallow on fire?~

Many a times. thats what camping is for XD

~Would you rather sleep alone or with someone else?~

What do you mean by sleep with someone.......? O.o

~Are you a girly girl?~

I dont think so at all.

~Do you prefer light or dark haired girls?~

Well im kinda into the male species..... but I like light hair on guys XD

~Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?~

Girls I think?

~What are your biggest fears?~

being forced to move away. My boyfriend leaving me for one of his "fangirls". Freezing. Drowning and Sharks

~Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?~

yes many a time XD

~In a guy do you prefer... Good cook or takes you out a lot?~

If I had to choose ot would be takes me out alot. I want to hang out with him more than wanting him to cook good. I doesnt matter how well he cooks if we dont hang out often right???

~Sweet or Sexy?~

Prefer both. have to choose one though so sweet :3

~Hoodies or jackets?~

Hoodiesssssss <3

~Funny or Serious?~

FUNNY! Im barely ever serious so I wouldnt last 2 seconds with a serious guy. But It would be nice if they were serious everynow and then just not often.

~Romantic or Daredevil?~

vyuhjcbhvfgjndsk fvhejdn Romantic. im such a romantic god i would love a romantic guy vgfybhdnkbhvfrv

~Dark Eyes or Light Eyes?~

Blues and greens are good so light?

~Long Hair or Short Hair?~

Like in the miiiiidle graw im gonna say it like Justin beiber BUT BETTER!! I love the little flippy thing <3

~Basketball Player or Football Player?~

Whatever makes them happy cause thats all that matters~~~~~~ god im pathetic -_-

~Smoker or Non-smoker?~

Non smoker!!!!!! Smoking is disgusting and it can kill you and I have icky childhood memories of my parents and grandparents always accidentaly burning me with the ciggeret butts and always worrying about if there gonna die because they smoke. Cause all they teach you about smoking in school is that its made of rat poison and kills people.

~Drunk or Sober?~

Im gonna be so hypocrytical Sober. haha Im to young to get drunk now but im definatly gonna when im old enough. It runs in my family XD

~Ever walked into the guy's bathroom?~

Ya ona feild trip when the girls bathroom line was so long and the boys bathroom was empty. the teachers practically threw us in there and kept guard

~If you ever want to live to see another day, you're forced to snort cocaine, would you do it?~


~What friend do you tell the most to?~

My friend Maria she knows practically everything about me!

~Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?~

Maria. shes the only person I have ever had a deep conversation with XD

~Are you shy?~

At first yes until you get to know me. and when I dont know anyone around me at all

~Are you talkative?~

Only with my frieeeeends

~Do you secretly like someone?~

Well its not really a secret if I say I like my boyfriend now is it?

~Think back to your last relationship, who ended it?~

I didnt have a "last relationship" im still in my first one ever...

~"Have you ever regretted letting someone go?"~

In what way???

~Can a boy and girl be friends without having feelings for each other?~

Ya of course!

~What are you listening to at the moment?~

Marionet Syndrome by Hatsune Miku <3

~If you were at reasonable age, would you prefer a baby boy or girl?~

I want a girl and a boy but a boy first so then my girl has an older brother :3 and i have alot of experience with baby boys considering 3 of my aunts have had baby boys in the past few months....

~What is the last thing you cooked today?~

Cereal? >.< does that even count???

~Do you believe that everyone has a soul mate?~

Yes but It doesnt mean that you always end up with them in the end

~Has your most recent ex ever seen you cry?~

I dont have an ex graaaaaaw stop asking relationship questions!!!!!

~do u have a secrett only ur good friends noo?~

I dont think so. I dont want to make people keep my secrets thats a hard job so ya

~skater or sportyy?~

eeeeeh skater?

~last person to tell u i love you?~

Either my boyfriend or my mom but im almost positive it was my mom <3 XD


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