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Thoughts of an Orphan
Talking to Strangers on Omegle! :D 11-27-2010
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: hello
Stranger: hey u
You: hows it going?
Stranger: pretty okkkk
Stranger: how bout u
You: its alright
You: just
You: bomb threats
You: and such
Stranger: oh yeh, as per usual
You: indeed
Stranger: u got your machine gun nearby?
You: no
You: but i do have my cannon
Stranger: oh, you should be fine then
Stranger: i got my dynamite
You: hopefully
You: lucky
You: we ran out of dynamite
You: this morning
Stranger: oh really, that sucks
You: indeed
You: do you have a bazooka within reach?
Stranger: gotta run to the supermarket and get some more later
You: yeah
You: or
Stranger: yeh, under my pillow
You: thats good
Stranger: wheres yours
You: in the closet
Stranger: ahh k, good place smile
You: yep
You: so is under the pillow
Stranger: my tank got a parking ticket this morning, sucks man
You: dude that sucks
You: you should have threatened to run over the cop
You: unless he agreed to not give you
You: a ticket
Stranger: i was going to, but he seemed like a nice guy....im just too nice
Stranger: i should've........
You: ah
You: lol indeed
You: but if he hadnt agreed you shouldnt have actually run over him
You: if he was nice
You: you should have just
You: inched up a little
You: to scare him
Stranger: good point. i see that
Stranger: is what you do
Stranger: haha crap, that was a retarded sentence

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Stranger: hey asl
You: im an exploding cow
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Stranger: hey
You: i like potatoes
Stranger: i LOVE potatoes
You: are you a potato? biggrin
Stranger: sorry sweetie, i am not sad
You: aww
You: what about a carrot?
You: biggrin
Stranger: is that what you like eating? ;P
You: lol no
Stranger: hahahahahahahaha, jokes biggrin
You: XD
You: farewell
You have disconnected.


You: im gonna blow up jupiter! biggrin
Stranger: ok? noone cares about jupiter
You: nor do they care about you then <<
You: evil jupiter hater
You: its better to blow it up
You: than hate it
You: im ratt ^ ^
You: who are you?
You: biggrin
Stranger: you're are an odd person
You: indeed
Stranger: duces
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


You: I'm a STALKER biggrin
Stranger: Oh nooes!
Stranger: D:
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


You: i am a magical talking ostrich ^ ^
Stranger: SWEET
You: XD
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


You: .-.
You: i ate the planet
Stranger: hey
You: biggrin
Stranger: then how am i talkin to you??? i was on the planet
Stranger: >.<
You: its magic
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Isn't Omegle.com FUN? ^ ^

We’re talking about when we met and you say it was easier to fall for me thinking (I'll remember this pause) it was likely I’d be dead by now.


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Puppy the Light Master
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Nov 28, 2010 @ 06:34am
lololololol xd xd xd muy bien... -claps like a retarded seal- muy bien indeed.

commentCommented on: Thu Dec 16, 2010 @ 06:52am
... wait ... WTF?

Community Member
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