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My random thoughts....
same as title ^w^;;;
Other characters from Yokoalchemist's and my roleplay :3

Nikki and Saiumi: Yokoalchemist's character Nikki and my character Saiumi

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Nikki Gale: (left) Anti-form (part heartless)
Age: 21
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Blue grey
Weapon of choice: Silver bracelets in which she can manipulate at will
Attitude: Selfless to a fault, kind, gentle, and cares for others well beings over her own; don't get her mad.

Alsh: Anti-form (part heartless)
Age: 22
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Gold
Weapon of choice: Can manipulate darkness at will; usually forms a sword that covers his arm.
Attitude: Conserved, silent, rarely talks unless spoken to, mentally unstable, masochistic.
Random: Is Nikki's brother.

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Alpha: Werewolf
Age: 32
Hair color: Blood red
eye color: Gold
Markings on face: Claw marks from a vampire; he has several scars all over his body
Weapon of choice: claws and fangs
Attitude: Superiority complex, blood thirsty
Random: Is the Alpha of Saiumi's pack

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Art Bought:
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Name: Xyla
Age: Unknown appears 26
Eye color: Either gold or red
Attitude: Sadistic, seductive, flirty, and power hungry
Random: Is the vampire who changed Imuas

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commentCommented on: Sat Oct 23, 2010 @ 11:54pm
u r an amazing artist! i absolutely love your drawings!!!!!!!!

commentCommented on: Mon Dec 06, 2010 @ 07:16pm
Hey, who's that smexy vampire? XD lol

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