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My life, love, friendships, music, mood, fun things, sad things.... all of the above 🥰
Okay, ill post this here too incase my pm doesnt get read. Mogget, we need to talk, i will say this again. Im tired of this being dragged out for almost a month now.
....god, its like my friends decided to disown me as a frend or something. As i said before, im tired of people getting angry at me because my belifs have changed. i want my friends back to normal. as in, i want my friend back. if it stays this way for another month, or even another semester...i am not going to be a happy person at all....much less it wont be pretty. SO! after getting that out of the way im gonna go wonder around on forums now...

Mood:Still Angry

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Raven King of Rats
Community Member

Tue Feb 07, 2006 @ 02:30am

*raises hand* Normal, unless there's something you're not telling me.

Please, please, please remember what I've said to you about Mog. Some things just take time, and a good friend is patient with the mental health of those she cares about.

Community Member

Wed Feb 08, 2006 @ 12:09am

...i have already talked to mog due to lack of communication with me from her. I have been tired of my friends being angry with me and not telling me about it upfront, therefore i said something. it did not appear to be a problem that i approached it in this way. So im guessing its not. And yes, i have taken consideration to what you told me, however (i have told this to her as of recently) i would prefer if she were honest with me when she's angry rather than saying everything is fine. I try to give them the courtesy of that, i feel they should treat me the same way. thats all i was trieing to say, thats all im going to say. and thats all that has been said. so im leaving it at that ^.^;

User Comments: [2]
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