weoll....second week of school starting, yet again ^.^;...im actually online during my lunch break right now....so i have to get off in like 30 minutes...cause we have to be back at class by 12:30. XD anyways....today is my cousin's birthday ^.^; sooo, after school im goig to go over to my dads house and wrap her present. (which would be 30 dollars worth of i tunes. ^.^ wink and yeah.Anyway....theres been s**t goign on with my mom too.....yesterday was very very pissy...i was forced to go to my mom and my cousins b-day party when really yiayia just heard that i would only be at a gathring with my mom there if aunt helen her family and caleb were there....so... they jumped to the conclusion of "lets do this right away and not give them time to think about it"......yea they didnt let me know untill like...friday, and i had planns already...so they better not be pissed that i got there late...see, me and caleb went to visit a really good / old friend of mine who i have not seen in a while...and yeah, it took awhile to get back cause it was raining and stuff. >.< i did not like being forced to get mom something for her b-day either when she didnt even get anything for my cousin whom they "shared" parties with...>.< mom dragged all of her friends along too...and the all happen tobe the ones she has made my dad out to be a compleete a*****e to....and just because i saw her for bout an hour and a half last night does not mean im going to continue being in contact with her...i might send her a message every once in awhile...but thats it. cause everytime i try and talk to her, especially recently. She's twisted my words around. And put words in my mouth, and quite frankly...im tired of it. So, i will not, communicate to her untill the divorce is final...which might motivate her to accept the fact that she needs to MOVE ON....>.< and leave my dad alone. and to stop hurting everybody else in the process of it. ....I think Mary dumped my mom to be honest...cause nobody has heard alot about her recently, either that or moms trieng to keep her lies in tact and make it look like she's not with anybody to my grandparents...granted my papou just recently figured it out. and yiayia....she's going nuts...anyways...enough ranting, cant stay on the comp too long. cause i gotta eat. buhbai

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