dear journal
its maki yeah im finley out of the hospital a week to fully recover at home has its peeks but i did lose alot of blood during that battle in the last entry i said i would go after him and did unlce took care of him i feel bad for marie she has to deal with stien not sleeping well i relley was not at the hospital i was at stiens house i a heard them aruging about something a few times the basment door was next to the room i was staying at and marie keeped telling stien to come up to cheek on me good thing is a got a few drawings done not many thou mom brings james over sometimes james is only 5 moths and stien still has not held him yep no suprise their sweatdrop he does not like babys much i heard him tell my mom i swaer she almost slaped him her own brother wow well i got to go stiens over to check on me