ahwoo...back at school...finally first week is done with O.O >.< family crap is still going on...and now mom is lieing to my yiayia and she told her that aunt helen is going to testify against her...which isnt true, aunt helen isnt even going to testify at all. O.O dad only listed her as a possible witness cause he was thinking about asking her but decided he didnt need their testimony...>.< ANYWAY! i just got back from my Global perspectives class...which is very interesting...it might end up being my strongest class...we never know ^.^; but yeah. Mom took off her parent loan -_-;;;; because i am "not speaking to her, or allowing her to speak to the school" ....the only time i might actually see her, would be on her birthday...but the WHOLE family would be invited...as in, even aunt helen and the rest of her family too...which is the way we used to do it before mom started spreading all these lies about people....well other people and herself. Mom wont even talk to aunt helen....and she treats her like s**t too.....and when she talks about birthdays she doesnt say a word about my cousin christina's b-day which is the day before hers.....>.< however, im going to go get christina's present today....the most im willing to spend on mom is about 5 bucks on a card or something....my cousin is getting an IPOD from her mom and dad for her b-day...lol so im going to get her an i tunes card. which will be fun. I already have plans as to how im going to wrap the thing...XD anyways. yeah..mom's desparation is obvious now...even my papou who before would pressure me in to talking to my mom without listening to why im not talking to her. is questioning it now. because everytime yiayia askes my mom stuff...her facts are so mixmatched and confuseing, they dont make any since. *shrug* i donno, the whole thing is retarded....but yah, mom dropped my parent loan...however dad made the payment that needed to be payed for me to stay at school this semester. anyways, im sleepy....so ima gonna go back to sleep untill about 2 ish ^.^; oki, ttyl.

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