hello... well, i have good news...and not so much good news...i got back into ACA W00t However, My mom wont stop hounding me about school. not to mention she wont stop telling people lies about me and my dad...She claims : That my dad is makeing my emails for me.
That me and him are makeing up lies about her to make her look bad
That the Recording the police cop gave her where Mary is bragging to a police cop about sexual activity with my mom and calling her her ex lover. she's saying thats a fake recording. first off, my dad wouldnt do that, why? because he doesnt wanna go to jail. Secondly, cause dad DOESNT lie >.< it makes me mad that my mom is spreading all this bullshit about me...NOt to mention, She called my ******** school 3 times today, when i told her i had it handled to back off. and she didnt, i gave her the chance to ******** up my emails and twist them around in weird ways but she ******** that up too... she's lost her chance ofwinning the respect of her daughter back, ive had enough. I still consider her my mother yes, but as an aquatance? she's going to have to reedem her self so much before i ever wish to be near her. I care about her yes, i know she needs help yes, but me, my brother nor my dad are going to go out and seek it for her, my dad is trieing to tell her friends so that mabye they will see that she needs help, but her friends all belive her side and wont even listen to mydads. Not to mention mom wont even listen to me...>.< ive triied over and over ag ain, to talk to her in many many different ways. And yeah... it sucks, cause she doesnt belive me and she says im a horrible daughter for saying those things, ect....She's hurting me, and i cant stand it any further...Somebody who knows my mom please try and get her some sort of therepy either that or atleast open her ey es to the real world...she's stuck in a fantasy..and its sad. >.<Sorry about my ranting...i needed to get this out though.

Mood razz issed/very depressed
Music: 30 Seconds to mars-Oblivion