Okay, well, i just got back from my Appeal mee ting...and the two teachers who i thought would be there, were there...Mr.Brekky (twitch) and Nolen. *Sigh* Brekky would be the guy who would come to class stoned every f-ing day. However, Nolen, actually got nicer as his section happend. Anywayz, yeah, basically the meeting, went okay. However, i have not gotten a responce from them yet...Im still waiting for a call from the Rejistrar saying ive been accepted back in. so...hopefully ill get a call back and ill be going back to school next week ^.^; Anyways, im just updateing on the events. However nothings really changed from the stuff that i mentioned in the previous journal...still concerned about Pimp being mad at me if she is at all >.< Anyways, Ill be hangin around today... unless i go to moms to get my violin (this would be while she's not there, to anybody who might be concerned with me being alone with my mother. I know i am, and my dad is...and caleb is, and actually the rest of my family woudl be too...so yeah) anyways ^.^; ill be back later with another update on school.

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