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My life, love, friendships, music, mood, fun things, sad things.... all of the above 🥰
the past few days have been hell...literally, havieng my friends debateing about my personal life is very hurtfull. Espically when all my bf was trieng to do was express his opinion due to certain frustrations in which have already been noted and i do not wish to force the topic on myself nor anybody else. im just explaining what has happend. i am very disapointed in the actions of the people involved. they have :asuiming one thing, then getting offended when somebody else counters it. ect. and the fact that you three seem to think he's wrong, apparently seems to be one because you already disagree,and arent willing to hear something different espically if they can back it up the same way you claim to back yours. also, because this particular indivitual would happen to be male. (in wich he can NOT help his gender and due to your attitudes twoards him i have gotten the impression that that is part of the reason you dislike him already. Not to mention, during the time ive dated him, my views have changed,i havechanged, and i have matured and still am. which i dont think either of you were expecting at all..people change! get over it. im tired of people asumeing that i will remain the stupid little kid that i once was. My point is, im tired of my friends not listening, im tired of my friends hateing my bf for NO REASON besides the fact that he disagrees and is very honest and upfront about it. I will not take him being treat ed like s**t no more. so be expecting me to stick up for myself and him unlike before. Oh, and, neither of you ever seemed to consider him any more than an aquaitance in the first place, and he doesnt care what you think of him. not to mention he does not wish to be around you three at all unless he has to.
ive said my peice, be pissed if you want, be a friend like your supposed to be if you want, i could care less about this anymore.

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Thu Jan 12, 2006 @ 11:28pm

bah...those arent friends, there a** holes *slaps them all in the face* lol

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