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Memories of a Broken Soul
Well this is my journal. Finishing each day with my name Chelsea. It will go all around from poems to random blurbs
Just a short story. The song "Kristy, are you doing ok" by The Offspring inspired the story.

Faye walked into the school, putting on the fake smile that she played for her friends. They didn't know what was going on in her life, they didn't care. She sat down in her class and took out a worn compostion notebook that she cared everywhere with her. She wrote, doodled, and drew in it. It was her life every since the divorce. She ignored most of her class, only glancing up when the teacher called out her name. She walked to lunch with her friends, laughing with them. But the laughter never reached her eyes. A boy watched her, noticing the pain that was in her eyes. He saw the lines she wrote on the paper. He was to scared to do anything, to naive to know what was going on in her life.

"So Faye up for the mall this weekend." Emily asked.

"I don't know, I have work and Mr. Miles will fire me if I miss one more day of work." She mumbled, coming up with a quick lie. "He was me to make delivers this weekend, sorry maybe next weekend."

"Its always next weekend Faye, but when it really comes down to it, you find ways out of these things." Madison said. "You don't go out anymore."

"Guess I'm just busy." Faye recoiled. She gathered her stuff and went outside to an old oak tree. She slung her bag over her shoulder and climbed up and sat on two branches, her back against the tree trunk. It was like a seat specailly made for skipping school. She would rest up her, write in her notebook, or close her eyes and relax. It was her haven. The boy sat down at the foot of the tree reading.

"Hello." He said looking up at Faye. "I'm Caleb."

"Faye." She said, slinging her legs against a branch and then letting her body fall. She looked at the boy upside down. Her blonde hair a mess from the wind, but he had exotic grey eyes, the limits endless. He stared back at her, studying her. Her long elgant black hair, the usally fell against her back like the dark endless sky, was know touching the ground, her blue eyes, dark and morse. Still hiding the secret of what she was going through. "I never see you sit here."

"I needed some fresh air." Caleb quickly fibbed. Faye smiled and let herself fall, catching herself gracefully. "You are quite graceful."

"Thanks, I take gymnatics and tae kwon do on my spare time." She sat down next to him. "So why are you really here."

"To ask you, what is going on in your life." Faye looked at him. Know one, aside her hair brained mother, and the therapist asked her that. She looked down at the ground and played with the grass. "I see how you act, then your notebook. I know somehthing is bothering you."

"Why would you care." She hissed. "Not like anyone in this world gives a damn about me. My parents, just fight for my love. Showering me with noncyical gifts. When I would rather have a hug, or a night of laughs. My friends are fake. I know what they do behind my back." She said, surpised at how open she felt with this guy. "For once I would just like a simple, you are doing great. You're doing so good, or even better yet. A simple I love you. Out of someone and mean it." He wrapped her arms around her.

"Faye. I don't know you so well, but you are doing so great at staying alive, and staring away from the bad things. Now this may sound, either creepy or corny, your choice. But I love everything about you." She looked up at him, knowing he was telling the truth. That is when she knew, that there was someone out there who actaully cared about her. Who would actually be there for her. For the first time, in a long time. She smiled and meant it.

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