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Teh Journy
I shall write, post pics, and do random crap in here.
lucid dream
it went a little something along these lines, and for those knowledgable in dream lingo, IT WAS LUCID!!!! be proud of me :'D
anyways, this could be a really marketable movie/book.
i was grounded, cant get on the compy, cant read books (idk why that never happens in real life though), blahblahblah so while my mom is away at work and im home alone or something on a weekend i go to amazon and get this really good sounding horror book and like it arrives instantly (again, why doesnt that happen?)
so i start reading it and like, its a movie inside the book.
theres this little girl in a perfectly normal family. shes rich, shes very clever and smart, her parents are beautiful and nice and she lives in this grand house.
but for some reason, her parents turn into zombies through this virus that sweeps out everyone above a certain age. its like a neurovirus or something.
anyways, shes locked inside her own house and is the LAST PERSON ON EARTH so she cant leave otherwise she is faced with certain death.
during the day, everythings sort of normal. the only thing is, there IS no day. theres dawn, and then the thunderclouds and pollutant fog roll in and its dusk and then night.
and night is when the things that go bumping come out.
so she barricades herself in her room with a bunch of food from the pantry and some murals on the walls to entertain her as she falls asleep. theres a great big window that looks out over the pool in her backyard and a door leading out into the hallway that goes to her kitchen and living room.
shes feelilng like a rat in a cage, always running around, always in fear of whatever is around the corner. her appearance has changed from the blonde ringleted, rosy cheeked little girl with blue eyes. running away from fear has changed her drastically. almost overnight, her eyes are dark and blackened, and her hair is black and unkempt, her perfect dresses torn into more useful things when needed.
kinda the part that i really remember because its the lucid part is when she goes to sleep.
she locks the door leading out to the backyard and barricades the door leading to the hallway then rolls down the mural of the beachside on a wall and goes to sleep while watching it and listening to classical jazz 40s music on the radio. after a while she wakes up because its really cold in her room. she looks around and notices that the door leading to the backyard is open a little, even though she locked it tight and shut it.
so she goes out into the backyard to investigate and sees a black unicorn standing on the fence.
yeah, unicorn. i know, not that scary.
but the zombies get their strength and tenactiy from the black unicorns energy that they give off. so she says this in a hushed scared voice and starts to move backward to grab something to scare the unicorn off with because when a unicorn shows up, the zombies will come soon. so she yells and screams at it and then this BIG bull unicorn shows up and shes like "oh no.." because it bellows this great big bugle and then her parents scrabble over the fence and start stalking towards her with their fingerclaws stretched out and shes like "thank goodness i kept a diary...now future generations will know what happened, if any normal humans are left to discover anything"
and then im all like "s**t this is scary i better stop reading this"
and i THOUGHT THAT!!!! it wasnt in the dream!! it was a concious decision to stop dreraming that dream!!!

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