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my lollipop!!!^-^
ummm....me is me^^....lol...journal is my thoughts and what i write comes from my mind so i dont have time to stop and think what im typing so dont get mad at me&&
My sweet special place
The soft melody echoed against the marble stone wall and into the cracks of the door as Melanie lightly played her violin on the middle of the stage of a theater that once held the famous violinist, Niccolo Paganini. While Melanie's fingers elegantly danced upon the strings like gypsies, she rocked back and forth in her one position and letting the music overflow her body; however, as many times she played this melancholic song, she could still imagine the notes floating in midair like her music sheets that were lost upon her jungle of papers.

The theater she's playing on is the most elegant old builind that was built in 1949 with angles posing on the ceiling and pastel paintings plastered all over the white marble walls that are holding up the angel's paradise. When Melanie was only 10 years old, she was fascinated by the violinist who's name was Niccolo Paganini, a guy that was a genius at letting the true sound of an ancient violin and as though it smees as if her destiny was written for her to read it, Melanie has decided to become a professional violinist.

Twelve years have passed and the long hours of heavy practicing finally paid off for Melanie who now had the chance to play in front of everyone in the exact room where Paganini once stood bravely on the stage upon his admirers and now that her dream was accomplished last night, Melanie felt proud of herseld for taking another step closer to her fantasy which was to be recognized like the second best violinist after Niccolo Paganini.

The next dat after the long event, Melanie went back to the grandiose theater, thru the bronze twin doors where the stage stood silently glimming by the dim lights of evening. As she stopped in the middle of the walk way Melanie could still hear the applauses and her music mixed into the dead air and again she thought how special it is to have a place where one can dream and know it'll come true sooner or later.

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