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Amaya_marie_LeTant's Journal
My names *Miss. Piggy I want to write about my thoughts my life, my issues. I want to show what im like...what i think of....a way to release my emotions *name has been changed as a result of personal prefrence
How many tissues does it take?
The answer is five...for what im not saying. Ok today was kinda spiffy. I got to cuddle wiff me Kermie and get whomped by him at Dr. Mario. I'm a pretty good video game player, however Kermit can beet me hands down on Dr.Mario (although on Mortal combat i kick a** ninja !). xp Actually it really turns me on when he beats me in a video game but i didnt say that redface . Other than that today i hung out with my friend Morgy-F. I pretty much talked with her for awile untill she started to vaccume at which point the television called my name...im really tired. I woke up at 9:00am on sunday and saturday...its painful I normally get to sleep in untill 1:00pm and all the previous week ive slept for around (12:00am - 6:00am) 6 hours. This weekend Kermit and I pretty much had our annaversary (dating for one year now 4laugh ). We went shopping for eachother on friday, I got him a cute pair of snoopy boxers and an M & M's tie and a TY stuffed plush monkey. Kermit got me a beautiful silver heart braclet (hearts linked together to foarm a chain) and i love it so very much *clingeys it*. he also got me a little cupcake charm which i put on a necklace (because i was afraid it might break/bend out of shape my heart bracelet) so that and my little heart and key pendent and a flip flop charm are all on a chain together.

I LOVE MEH KERMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heart heart heart heart
~Miss. Piggy
heart heart heart heart

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commentCommented on: Mon Nov 15, 2004 @ 04:02am
Wow if I would of known that I would have kicked your a** royally. Oh well we still had fun(my tummy didnt but who cares all i have to do is feed it and its content.) anyway the boxers work nicely...*looks araound* i really need to take a shower though...

and the bracelet, and cupcake, and key thingy do look nice on you and i hope you cherish them as much as i cherish you...(and your gifts)*looks down at boxers*

Love Ya Now and Forever

commentCommented on: Mon Nov 15, 2004 @ 11:24am
Happy Anniversary! whee

You two are so adorably cute. You remind me of how my girlfriend and I are. It makes me happy to think that my brother, whom I shall never stop pwning his a** at videogames, is making some dear, sweet child happy. I hope you two really do go on forever, it would certainly be a change from the 'get-married-and-divorced-on-the-same-weekend" senario.

As for getting turned on while being bossed at videogames... same thing happens to me. ninja There have been countless times while playing Super Smash Bros. Melee that I couldn't control myself and began humping the Gamecube... redface The warranty expired, so I can't replace it if I break it. sweatdrop Plus, I don't think humping damage is covered through the warranty, anyhow. neutral

But I digress, I hope you two keep it together.


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