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Amaya_marie_LeTant's Journal
My names *Miss. Piggy I want to write about my thoughts my life, my issues. I want to show what im like...what i think of....a way to release my emotions *name has been changed as a result of personal prefrence
My Nightmare
Last night i woke up in a cold sweat, my hands and limbs trembling I had just had the worst nightmare ive had in a long time. Normally i dont dream at all, but when i do there either really good or really bad. The dream just seemed so real. Ok it started off with me haveing some sort of party, Then things turned scarey and a strange colour blue, everyone seemed to be there and then i saw Kermit and walked over to him and said " I can't see you anymore, I'm breaking up with you" at which point the whole area cracked like breaking glass. I then woke up sitting in my bed and in the cold silence of my room I felt truely alone. I've never had anyone sleep in a room with me before so i was used to the solitude of my bedroom however i felt lonely and i realized how much Kermit has become a part of my life...and a part of me somehow..I mean we haven't done anything sex wise, which is when you supposivlely get a feeling of being one with someone.

I just wish i could explain to Kermit how much he means to me...how my life would be miserable without him. He's in town this weekend (fri-sun) however today (saturday) when i held him in my arms i made the rationalization that without him I'm not happy and without him...my body and my heart is cold and empty.

Ive realized now how morbid my journal entrys sound and how lonely and pathetic i sound as well...however i just have been kinda dumpy lately. I usually am not preoccupied with my alone-ness however sometimes it gets to me. The joys of being an only child rolleyes and to think many people think its a plus and that one children familys spoil their kids...but let me tell you something no toy in the world can make up for another human being to be there every step of the way growing up with you like a brother or sister can...there truely treasured gifts that should be charished.

heart heart heart heart
~Miss Piggy
heart heart heart heart

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commentCommented on: Mon Nov 15, 2004 @ 03:55am
If you really feel alone I'll keep you company 3nodding
aslo I have a ton of little brothers you can have xd ...you can boss them around , throw em like frisbee, etc.

also I feel lonely sometimes...Ive never had a dream like yours, but I do have bad thoughts like...what if she doesnt really feel the way i think she does, or others of that sort...but I also come to the realization that if she were just "playing" with me, i would of noticed something different when Im around opposed to when Im not.....

but I love this person no matter what happens, or how my family feels.

I love you Sandy and there isnt a thing you can do about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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